Fortune Favors The Brave - The Path Less Travelled!

Ciaran Doyle
On the Altea Beach
Wednesday, 9.24 a.m.

Dear Friend,

I think I know how you came upon this website. 

Well, maybe not the exact way. I have a good idea though. Perhaps you clicked on a link in my Facebook profile. Or potentially you followed a link on one of my videos on YouTube. It could even be that a friend of yours recommended me to you.

No matter the way you got here, you are here now, and this could be a very good day for you indeed, you have stumbled upon something very special here.

Here's why: Back in July 2010 I began writing on a website called Bad Credit Mobiles. As you can tell from the name, it was for people who were looking for mobile phones, but who also had a bad credit rating. It helped people by recommending mobile phones based on a few questions related to their credit history. For this recommendation, I got paid up to $200 every time a person took my advice and purchased what I told them to.

The idea while not exciting opened my eyes up to a whole new world of making money without working for anyone else. So, with very little online promotion and just writing some helpful articles I was able to start reaching more and more people.

And, guess what? Very soon, I was reaching a very large audience indeed and was ranking on Google alongside some of the biggest phone brands in the country, and my $200 days turned into $1,000 days.

I knew I was on to something, and started to try out what I was doing in lots of different markets. Again, things looked very bright, and my system for creating these websites that produced regular daily income got stronger and easier to replicate.

Since I began writing these websites, I have been luckily able to help thousands of people through my recommendations and helpful articles. 

More importantly for you, I have received emails from hundreds of people from all over the world telling me how my training helped them to build their own successful websites, leave the jobs they had been sick and tired of (sometimes within less than a single month), make thousands of dollars per month (and in some cases 6 figures per month), start living a life they had always wanted... and... pretty much improved how they are living immeasurably. 

I love to do this, so it got me thinking, "Well, Ciaran... if you love doing this, and people get benefit from it, then everyone should, even the ones that cannot afford my training." Therefore, I've put all my training (with some small editing) right here on this website... for everyone to benefit from... 

100% Free!

Simply click below where it says "Training here"... then... you'll be taken to a page where you'll see a forest of video icons with "Headlines" on them.

Each of the video icons contains a single video of my training. and, as you will notice, the subject of each individual training is shown on above the video icon. If you see a topic that is of interest to you then click of the video icon (although you should probably start at #1 and work your way down) and you will be instantly looking at that training video (no downloads or signups required) on your screen. 

What you do with it is up to you, learn it, take action on it, or save it for later, the choice and freedom are yours to do with as you desire.
It's 100% free. There is nothing to sell on this website, and nothing you have to but to enjoy the training...

You Will NEVER See A Gut Clenching

"Upgrade Now" In Sight...

Those things annoy the crap out of me!

No bother. Anyway, I create a new video approximately every 30 days (sometimes even less) and... if you want to know immediately when a new video is posted, just click below and send me your email address. Then, when I release a new video I'll send you a tiny email message each month telling you there is a new video training now on the website.

In any case, I hope you find these training videos as valuable as hundreds of others have.

Kind regards

Ciaran Doyle

P.S: While this is for you to make the best of your life with, and use the information that I am giving, this is not to be taken, copied, stolen or otherwise replicated on your own websites, so don't even think about doing something so stupid.