Step by Step Training:


My Goal In This FREE Training Is:

By the end of today YOU will have your First Online Business Using Affiliate Marketing set up.


My name is Ciaran Doyle and I've been luckily able to quit the rat race and live full-time abroad,  travelling the world for many years.

I did this due to understanding of how to use the internet to make as much money as I need. This has enabled me to enjoy my life and be free.  

I hope you enjoy this training, and really get stuck into it...

Over the last few years I have built multiple six-figure businesses in many niches that bring me in constant income month after month... but my favorite are Affiliate sites!

Niches that I have made affiliate sites in, include:

  • Cooking healthy, 
  • Health and fitness,
  • eCommerce
  • and Social media,

And even things like health insurance (which I'm not trained in) for years.

Affiliate marketing is perfect for a beginner, and the reason is, You Don't Need Your Own Products To Sell, and you can get started on the tiniest of budgets, which I'm going to show you below...

One of the main difficulties people have with wanting to start an online business is they are actually worried that they don't have a product to sell.  With affiliate marketing you don't need a product to sell....

Just Look at the video below which explains everything you need to know.

You sell other people's products and then take a commission of money when you make a sale. 

By the time you complete this training you will now exactly:

1. What affiliate marketing REALLY is!

2. How you can use it to start making money super-quick!

3. And also the simple step-by-step processes you need to be able to set up your affiliate marketing websites.


Disclosure: This is not a get rich quick scheme and the results that I get are not typical. Like any business, affiliate marketing needs work. I cannot guarantee results or success and the following content is for educational and informational purposes only. Working on the internet is a real business and requires people willing to put in the effort to make it a success.

What You Need To Know About Affiliate Marketing

Here are some of my results over the last few days:

I show you these here so you can see how much sales can jump if you pick the right product!

I got these results by testing my systems over and over again and they have given me the freedom I have always wanted, and enabled me to make a full-time living for myself.

Step 1. Choose a Niche


This is quite often the hardest place to start for people, but, I'm going to walk you through the easiest 5 minute exercise that will have you niche chosen for you and then how to get that niche website online...

how to choose niche market

This exercise takes less than 5 minutes and once you have it done, that is the hardest part of getting your affiliate website done, seriously. 

Grab a pen and pad and do the following:

1. Write down 3 things you are good at

2. Write down 3 things you enjoy

3. Write down 3 things you would like to learn about

 You now have 9 niche ideas that you can make an affiliate website with, easy, just pick the one you think is the best for you, as for me, I always choose the one I am most comfortable reading and writing about.

Well Done, you have just done the hardest thing in getting your First Affiliate Site online, and one that most people don't do, so let's get into the next section, picking your domain name.


Step 2. Find a Website Name Related to Your Niche


Finding a really good domain name for your Niche website is going to be really important also. My recommendation is to go for a .com  website domain, like:


Something along these lines...

But if you can't find a .com website domain then you can go for things like .co, or if you are located in a specific country like England you could then use a. domain.


The best place that I know to find a domain and help you with what you're actually looking for is called lean domain search

What I love about search is that it gives you examples of great domain names related to your niche and tells you if they're available, saves so much time on overthinking.


So if you are having trouble actually finding a domain then simply put in the word of your niche like "pets" and it will give you a list of Domains that are available using the word pets... 1960 total for pets, so you have lots of choice.

Once you chose a name, you can go to A2 Hosting, and when you are getting your hosting account you will be able to get yoru domain too.

So, once you know what domain name you are going to use it's time to set up your first website in a few minutes.


Step 3. Sign Up for Web Hosting to Start Building your Website

(Cost starting at $1.99 per month)

The next thing you have to do is sign up for your hosting to get your first affiliate website online.

Hosting Recommendation: A2 Hosting

These are pretty much the best hosting company that you can get when you are starting out, not only on Price, but also on the FREEBIES they give you.

Basically you can have your Website created in minutes, not hours... 1 click is all it takes!

It is the #1 WordPress Recommended Hosting Platform, and has become my hosting of choice over the last few years, even surpassing A2-optimized settings for WordPress.

You Can A2 Hosting Here

They do this by having a whole host of really cool and easy to use tools, like:

  • Unlimited SSD Storage & Transfer
  • 25 Email Accounts
  • Free & Easy Site Migration
  • Easy cPanel Control Panel
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Anytime Money Back Guarantee
  • the ability to scale your website when it starts to make lots of money.
  • I think the most important thing for me is the ability to talk to support 24/7.  these guys and girls are WordPress experts so any problems and you can contact them.

 I also managed to get a special 66% off deal just for you!

Do you get your hosting set up?

Step 4. Build Your Website with WordPress

(Cost FREE)... Comes free with your hosting


The next thing is to actually build your WordPress website!

And guess what... that comes FREE  with your hosting company that you just purchased from.

PLUS... This is a 1 Click Install... and you can have your new WordPress website up and running, super simple!

Some things mentioned in the video:

Website Hosting - A2 Hosting

Create Buttons - Thrive Leads (optional)

Do you get your website set up?


Step 5. Choose an Affiliate Program

(Cost FREE)... Website NEEDED to Apply!

So the next section that I mentioned was actually choosing a good affiliate program.


There are so many different affiliate programs on the market that choosing the right one might be a little bit complicated for you. I do recommend choosing something that you might be interested in to start, especially as you start to prepare yourself to make ongoing income with your website.

What You will Learn:

1. So I'm going to run through a few different places that you can actually go to set up I'm start selling your first affiliate products.

2. How to sign up for the different companies

3. How to set up your affiliate links and actually get you using them!

Most platforms are pretty much the same, so let's get started...

Affiliate Website #1: Clickbank

One of the easiest places to sell from is called Clickbank. You can find so many cool products on here and the commissions are really good as well.

Affiliate Website #2:

You have all heard of the giant, but did you know that they have one of the best affiliate programs, and you can sell pretty much most of their products and make an affiliate commission.

Affiliate Website #3: Hosting Companies

You see that hosting company that you bought your website through, you can actually sell hosting for them and make commissions too. 

Do you get join at least 2 of these affiliate programs?


Step 6. How To Create Review Articles Easily


The easiest way that I found to actually make affiliate commissions on an ongoing basis is by creating really good reviews of products and services on the internet.

And the best thing about this is that once you have your WordPress website up and running, all you need to do is create content, and for you that is free.

Now while it does take time to actually write reviews there are so many resources on the internet that will help you write reviews that people actually want to read.

One of the best places to find information on what people want to read is a place called Answer The Public...

AnswerThePublic helps you find what kind of questions people are asking on the internet.

The screengrab is from Answerthepublic below, along with the video on how to use it to find great review ideas...

How can you make it even easier?

How You Can Use Youtube For Reviews? (FREE)

One of the best ways to actually create reviews is to go to YouTube, and search for a video that has lots of views and lots of likes, related to your topic.

3 Steps To Free Proven Content

1. Look for a video that's about 7 to 10 minutes long,

2. Listen to what they're actually saying, 

3. and then write your review from that content.

(so easy and because people have shown an interest in it, it is already proven to be searched). 

A good idea is to find a person in your niche that is an expert, and they will be using all of the specific keywords that people will be using to search for those niche products.


So here's an example of a product review. I took from YouTube and then adapted to my own website. You don't have to be a product expert to actually make commissions with affiliate products.

The good thing is that with a lot of products that you can promote, will give you content to use, along with also the stuff you make yourself.

NOTE: You can be lazy with this free content that the product owner gives you, or you can be smart, and take the content and adapt it and make it so much better.

And here is a live example of how I do this...

Keyterm: Survival

Product: Final Survival Plan

Payout: $88.82

I recommend going for products that actually have this free content to start as it gives you a great Point to start marketing with ease.

Do you find a video that you can use for your first article?

Step 7. Get Traffic to Your Content

Traffic Methods 1: FREE: SEO

Probably my favorite way to get people to my website is through Search Engine Optimization, we spoke about it in a previous video using and also the Rank Math plugin.

It is in its basic form about writing content around keywords that people are searching for and that you want to be found for in the search engines, like Google.

What is SEO?

Final Note For Today...

Now I know that it seems like you got a lot of information there, and that it might be a struggle to go through...

But don't worry you know have this page so you can go back to the top on you go back over all of this again.

Now, if you really are serious about this, and want to take your business building to the next level, and get some serious, hardcore training then join me in my affiliate marketing training and learn exactly how I have been able to create a thriving business online.


Cost: FREE (website required to apply)

If you change Niche all the time, maybe because you're worried it's not the correct one... then you will always have problems creating income in online.  

Please understand this, from someone who learned the very very hard way!

Don't get overwhelmed by the amount of different niches that there are on the market just choose one, preferably something you love!

© 2021 Ciaran Doyle

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