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Best AI Website Builder: Make a WordPress Website in Under 10 Minutes

Struggling with WordPress and feel like throwing your computer out the window? 

Don’t—because, in less than 10 minutes, you’ll have a website you’re proud to share!

best ai website builder
10Web AI website builder

What You’ll Learn Inside:

  • 10Web uses AI to rapidly create tailored WordPress sites.
  • A customized website is ready in about 90 seconds.
  • 10Web offers a free trial for users to test their site.
  • ChatGPT assists in generating compelling business descriptions.
  • 10Web’s interface allows easy post-creation edits.

Today, we’re tackling something that many consider an overwhelming task—setting up a website. 

But guess what? 

We’re not just talking about setting up any website; we’re talking about crafting a stunning WordPress website tailored to your business in less than 10 minutes using the best AI website builder!

If you’ve ever been discouraged by the complexities of web design or felt overwhelmed by coding jargon, this post is your lifeline. 

With the help of cutting-edge AI technology, you’ll learn how to go from zero to a fully operational website before you can finish a cup of coffee. 

This isn’t just a promise; it’s a game-changer for anyone wanting to claim their space in the online space without having to pay a huge amount of money to developers.

So, grab your notebook and your favorite pen, or open up a new digital note, because you won’t want to miss a second of this transformative guide. 

And if you’re excited about creating a website as fast as possible as I am, don’t forget to bookmark this training so that you can refer to it whenever you’re creating a brand new website for your business.. 

Let’s dive in!

What is 10Web (Best AI Website Builder)?

10Web is a groundbreaking platform that leverages Artificial Intelligence to streamline the process of setting up a WordPress website. 

Best AI Website Builder 10web

Unlike other platforms that simply offer templated solutions, 10Web takes website creation to the next level by building your site on WordPress. 

For those who may not be aware, WordPress is a robust content management system that is widely recognized as one of the best platforms for creating websites.

The uniqueness of 10Web lies in its ability to rapidly generate a fully functional website with only a minimal amount of input from you. All you have to do is provide some basic details about your business, and the AI technology takes over. 

In approximately 90 seconds—yes, you heard that right—a minute and a half—the AI will utilize the information you’ve provided to create a website that is customized for your business.

This is a perfect solution for anyone and businesses who want a quality WordPress website without the hassle and steep learning curve.

Pricing and Free Trial

Before we dive into the step-by-step process of setting up your website, it’s crucial to discuss the financial aspect. 

10Web offers an incredible feature that’s especially beneficial for beginners: a FREE trial

This means you can essentially build your entire website, see how it looks and functions, and make a decision about whether it meets your needs—all without spending a dime. 

10web free ai website builder

This try-before-you-pay model removes much of the financial risk, making it an excellent option for those of you who are new to website building or are on a tight budget.

Once you’re convinced that 10Web’s platform is the right fit for you, there are various packages to consider. 

Why Choose the 10Web Premium Package

10web best ai website builder

I highly recommend their AI Premium package and here’s why: 

  1. If you opt to pay annually, it’s just $15 a month. 
  1. Not only does this save you a significant amount compared to the monthly billing, but this package also offers lots of additional features that are incredibly beneficial for website optimization and performance.
  1. With the AI Premium, you get the capacity to host up to 50,000 visitors per month without experiencing any issues, and you can generate up to 50,000 words of AI-generated content.

As a beginner, starting with the free trial allows you to get your feet wet and test out all the features without any financial commitment. 

Once you’ve ascertained that the platform meets all your needs, transitioning to the AI Premium package on an annual billing cycle will give you an abundance of features and savings. 

Setting Up Your Site with 10Web

To establish your online presence you first have to choose the most fitting category for your business on the 10Web platform

For the purpose of this training, let’s consider setting up a website for a coffee shop, which I’ve playfully named “Ciaran’s Cafe.” 

affordable ai website builder 10web

The platform will prompt you for essential details such as the business name and a descriptive overview of your business.

  1. Select Business Type: 10Web offers a multitude of categories that you can choose from. This ensures that the website template you get is tailored to your industry, and also helps the AI create a website just like you have in mind or even exceed your expectations.
  1. Fill in the Details: After choosing the ‘coffee shop’ as your business type, the next step is to provide the website name and a detailed description of your coffee shop. This is where you insert your shop’s unique selling points, atmosphere, and any other specifics you want to highlight.

Leveraging ChatGPT for Content Creation

Creating engaging and persuasive business descriptions might be an obstacle for many. 

But worry not, I have created a prompt that will  help you overcome this hurdle in the Google sheet below. 

10web simple artificial intelligence website builder

The sheet contains information that will help you maintain consistent business information across the internet.

  1. Access the Google Sheet: Simply download the Google sheet below and you will find a section that includes a ChatGPT prompt.
  2. Plug in Your Details: Fill in your business name, location, unique selling points, and any other information you want to highlight in the prompt. This will help ChatGPT generate descriptions for your business.
  3. Generate Descriptions: Copy the customized prompt and paste it into ChatGPT. Once you hit the generate button, ChatGPT will churn out a professionally written, compelling three-short paragraph description that you can add to 10Web.
  4. Copy & Paste: Take this generated content and paste it back into the 10Web platform where it asks for a description of your business.

Now you’re all set to generate your brand new website.

Final Steps and Preview

Once you’ve entered the unique benefits of your business and selected the tone of your content—be it formal or informal—you’re on the home stretch. 

At this point, you’ll be prompted to sign up using your email address. 

After this quick step, the platform’s AI will take over and begin constructing your website.

This best AI website builder will generate a website complete with sections customized to your business type, whether it’s a cafe, yoga studio, or any other enterprise. This includes not only the layout but also text content, making use of the business details and benefits you provided earlier.

fastest ai website builder

After the website creation process is complete, you’re given the option to preview and edit your website. 

This is your opportunity to go through each section, ensuring that everything aligns with your vision and business needs. If you find something you’d like to tweak, you can do so easily within the platform. 

The editing interface is user-friendly, making it straightforward to modify text, swap out images, or even change the color scheme.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, guys! Setting up a WordPress website has never been easier thanks to the best AI website builder.

With just a few clicks, you can have a professional-looking site ready in under 10 minutes.  So, give it a try. Click here to start your free trial today. 

Also, don’t forget to check out my free WordPress training and templates available to help you navigate through WordPress effectively.

I’d love to hear how this worked for you. Leave your comments below about how the ChatGPT prompt helped you in creating your site.

Thank you for reading till the end, and I’ll talk to you soon!

Ciaran Doyle

Ciaran Doyle

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