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What is Market Health? The Best Health Affiliate Program

Looking to get into the health niche?

Best Health Affiliate Program

Perhaps you are searching for the best health affiliate programs that pay good commissions?

First, I want you to know that this affiliate network has dominated the health and beauty market for a while, people just love these products.

Before we get started, if you have a ClickBank account, you can check out our post on how to find products on ClickBank, but if you’re in a health-related niche and want something different, then keep reading.

This much-loved affiliate network is called Market health affiliate program. It is the best affiliate program for health and fitness….  With products like teeth whitening gel, eyelash energizers, skin care products, bowel control tablets, etc.

Market health affiliate program
Top selling market health products

If you’re currently on ClickBank, you know we love information products, right?

We love them due to many factors, ease of delivery is one…

But these physical health products also convert really well. You just need a good strategy to promote them and I’m going to show you a few methods that work really well.

A few Market health products have been available for some time and over the years, lots of affiliates have made really good commissions.

And the cool thing is that you can even make a commission by just getting someone to take a certain action (more on this later).

Key takeaways:

  • You will understand why Markethealth is considered the best health affiliate program,
  • You will discover the most profitable Markethealth categories that you can start to promote right now,
  • You will also learn the different ways to promote Markethealth products,
  • Finally, you can see how much you can earn by just promoting Markethealth products.

So let’s dive in…

Why Market Health is the Best Health Affiliate Program

  1. The health and beauty industry is so huge that when you look at the stats, it’s crazy… and it keeps growing at an incredible rate.

People want to look healthy and beautiful every day and that market can’t stop growing.

The global beauty industry is worth over half a trillion dollars, $532 billion to be exact. According to verified market research, the global Beauty supplement market was valued at $2.32 billion in 2018 and it's projected to reach $3.33 billion by 2026, growing at an annual rate of 4.61% from 2019 to 2026.

It’s left for us to tap into this industry and make a little portion of this money that’s going around.

  1. Market health has great products ranging from supplements to skincare, even herbal supplements too. Each of their products is usually the best in their markets. Basically, they have the best health affiliate program.
  1. It has over 100 different products to sell, and they’re mostly in the English language, But they also come in different languages as well like Spanish, Italian, French, German, Brazilian, Portuguese, etc.
  1. As an affiliate on Market health, when you start making up to 20 sales per day, then you can negotiate a special commission. Although you can do this with other affiliate networks, it’s so much easier to do with Market health.
  1. Market health provides you with landing pages and banners.
  1. They even have an in-house design team to help you with any custom needs.

Most Profitable Market Health Niches To Promote

Most profitable market health affiliate niches
Best health niches in market health

Some of the best Market health categories that I have tested myself and also by some of my students are;

  • Hair Loss 
  • Skincare (eg. Anti-aging)
  • Men’s health affiliate programs (eg. Testosterone)
  • Teeth whitening
  • Blood pressure
  • Cholesterol
  • Weight loss affiliate programs

Next, I’m going to show you the best ways to start driving traffic to these products.

Ways To Promote Market Health Products

weight loss affiliate programs
Most profitable weight loss affiliate program

There are lots of ways you can promote these offers but I’m going to give you the best here and they’re;

  • Doing search engine optimization using expired domains and great content in order to rank higher on search engines,
  • PPC ads are also an awesome way to sell this type of product,
  • As you grow your email list, this could be a very profitable way to sell multiple health products. 

Expired Domains Strategy

Expired domains mean domains that were previously registered by individuals or businesses but didn’t renew their subscription.

Most times these domains are packed with quality backlinks that would help your ranking and also drive traffic to your website. 

When you set up your website using expired domains, you don’t  create a niche website but instead a sub-sub niche website,

And you do this by narrowing it down to a more specific audience.

Creating these websites is the key to making those consistent commissions online, especially through Market Health.

And in my opinion, it’s one of the best ways to earn affiliate commissions.

Listen, people have been advertising these products for years, most of them do paid ads but they don’t do what we do.

SEO Strategy

Being able to take keywords like anti-aging treatment by revitol and rank number one on the search engines even using free websites like Google sites.

And that’s why I love Market health products, they have specific key terms that are also very easy to rank on search engines.

Let’s say, I’m promoting Acne skincare products called Acnezine.

I can optimize my content to rank on top of Google for keywords like  “Acnezine for skincare treatment”.

Once you’re able to rank at the top of search engines with these keywords and start getting all this traffic back to your website,  that’s when you start making affiliate sales.

You can achieve this by looking at what your competitors are doing,  basically copy what they’re doing, make yours better, and get rewarded with lots of affiliate sales.

This would be my recommended traffic for anyone trying to promote Market health products as a beginner because, for some reason, other affiliates are not optimizing for these keywords.

Potentially, it’s because many affiliates are doing paid ads and this is your chance to drive loads of free traffic to your website, 

And then utilizing your reviews or your recommendations to send people to the product’s good sales pages that convert into sales.

Is Market Health Affiliate Program Profitable?

Like anything online, or in business for that matter, it is profitable to the people who put in the effort. If you think you just go and make money by doing a small amount of work, then that’s not going to happen…

But, if you are a worker, and you will put in the work…there are two ways to make money from Market health;

CPS- Cost per sale.

Market health pays a 60% commission for making a sale, which is insane…

CPA- cost per action

This is when a visitor from your website completes an action on the product owner’s website and you get paid.

It can be actions like filling out a form, opt-in for a free bottle, entering their zip code, etc.

Market health can pay you from $30 to $70 depending on the offer.


Market health is one of my best affiliate networks, I promoted a couple of products here when I was starting out and I still do.

As you go through it, you might not believe how easy it is until you start to apply what you have learned here.

You can either create your own website or utilize free websites to get started promoting these products. Once you start getting those traffic and probably making sales, you will be totally blown away.

Ciaran Doyle

I’m Ciaran, and when I’m not wandering around South-east Asia, you will find me stuck behind my laptop doing online business stuff. Love the freedom this world of digital business affords us. Come on in…

How To Rank The Perfectly Optimized Blog Post

Want to get More Traffic, Leads, and Improve your website’s ranking? Get your copy of the Opto-Matic Blog Post Ranking Process to help you opto-matically rank new and existing posts on your website.

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