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Can I Become a Billionaire? Lessons From Legends Who Started Small

Have you ever taken a sip of your Starbucks coffee, paused, and pondered, “Can I become a billionaire like Howard Schultz?”

Behind the rich aroma and distinct taste lies dreams, determination, and aspiration. 

Many of the brands that have become household names, from fast-food chains to cozy coffee shops, began not in boardrooms, but in modest settings. 

Before we get into this, let me answer the question of “can I become a billionaire”? The short answer is PROBABLY No, but that doesn’t mean it is not possible. But with that said, let’s get into it…

Key Takeaways:

  • From Modesty to Success: Many billionaires started with humble roles but pursued their vision.
  • Importance of Vision: Adapting and having a unique vision were pivotal to their achievements.
  • Age Isn’t a Barrier: Colonel Sanders’ success began at 65, showing it’s never too late.
  • Digital Era’s Opportunities: The internet, especially affiliate marketing, opens doors to success.
  • Belief and Persistence: Big dreams require action, belief, and persistent effort. Every job can be a stepping stone.

Their stories often trace back to humble beginnings, with a combination of passion and opportunity. 

We will dive deeper into the captivating tales of individuals who, starting from seemingly ordinary roles, managed to carve out global empires. 

Their stories serve as a reminder that regardless of our starting point, our dreams and aspirations are valid and boundless.

For you, it could start in the mailroom, or at the back office of your workplace, you might move on to learning how to use Google Bard, and ChatGPT, and you then move on to creating AI software… but the lesson is, it all starts somewhere.

Can I Become a Billionaire? Humble Beginnings of Global Icons

Howard Schultz of Starbucks

Howard Schultz’s story with Starbucks is proof of vision and tenacity. 

Schultz wasn’t initially deep in the art of coffee-making as a barista but rather entered the scene with a role as the director of marketing and retail operations.

can I become a billionaire - howard schultz success story

Schultz had a unique vantage point over the company’s operations, allowing him to observe and understand the intricate dynamics of the coffee business.

His journey took a significant turn during a business trip to Italy. 

It was in the vibrant and culturally rich Italian streets that Schultz noticed the integral role that coffee houses played in the social life of Italians. 

These establishments were not merely points of sale for coffee; they were community hubs, places where people gathered, conversed, and shared experiences. 

Inspired by this discovery, Schultz envisioned a similar culture transpiring within the confines of Starbucks. 

He saw beyond the company’s existing model of selling high-quality coffee beans and equipment, imagining Starbucks as a third place between work and home where people could connect and unwind. 

howard schultz struggles

Schultz believed that Starbucks could offer more than a cup of coffee; it could offer an experience, a sense of community, and a feeling of connection.

Upon returning to the United States, Schultz was brimming with ideas and enthusiasm. 

He proposed transforming Starbucks into a coffee house chain, a place not just for purchasing coffee but for experiencing it. 

Schultz persevered, advocating for a model that would later revolutionize not just Starbucks but the entire coffee industry. 

His vision gradually materialized as Starbucks opened its doors to customers not just as a retailer but as a coffee house, offering a warm and inviting environment for people to enjoy their coffee while engaging with others.

Today, when we walk into a Starbucks, we’re stepping into Schultz’s vision. It’s a reminder that when one asks, “Can I become a billionaire?”, with passion and a unique vision, the answer might just be a resounding “Yes.”

Ray Kroc of McDonald’s 

Before becoming an instrumental figure in McDonald’s global expansion, Ray Kroc had a relatively humble beginning as a multi-mix milkshake machine salesman. 

In this role, he traveled the country, acquainting himself with various restaurant owners and understanding the intricacies of the fast-food business.

ray kroc and the mcdonald brothers

During his travels, Kroc stumbled upon a unique and efficient restaurant in San Bernardino, California, run by the McDonald brothers – Richard and Maurice. 

This establishment was different from the others he had seen; it had a simplified menu, offering just a few items but executing their preparation with unparalleled efficiency and speed. 

ray kroc mcdonald's story

The brothers had ingeniously streamlined the entire process of food preparation, creating a system that allowed them to serve their customers quickly, with a consistent level of quality and taste.

Seeing this, Kroc couldn’t help but wonder, “Can I become a billionaire by scaling this model?” He recognized the immense potential in the brothers’ system.

Kroc was immediately captivated by the potential he saw in this model. 

He envisioned this restaurant’s format could be replicated and scaled, creating a network of fast-food restaurants that provided a uniform experience to customers nationwide.

With this vision in mind, he approached the McDonald brothers with a proposition to franchise their brand and system.

Though the brothers were initially hesitant, Kroc’s persistence and vision eventually persuaded them to agree to the deal. 

Under the franchise model, individual entrepreneurs could own and operate their own McDonald’s restaurant, utilizing the brand name, system, and processes developed by the McDonald brothers, while Kroc would oversee the franchise’s overall direction and growth.

Dave Thomas of Wendy’s 

Dave Thomas’s journey in the food industry started at the tender age of 12 when he took a job at a restaurant counter. 

This early exposure to the world of food service ignited a passion within him that would shape the course of his life. 

dave thomas wendy's story

Working at the counter was not just a job for young Dave; it was a learning experience that introduced him to the fundamentals of customer service, food preparation, and the dynamics of running a restaurant.

As he grew older, his commitment to the industry deepened, and his roles within it expanded. 

One significant chapter of his career was his stint as a regional director for Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). 

This position provided him with a broader view of the fast-food business, exposing him to the operational and managerial responsibilities of a major chain. 

Why was Dave Thomas so successful

With a clear vision and a deep understanding of the industry, Dave set out to establish Wendy’s. Named after his daughter.

Wendy’s distinguished itself by offering fresh, never frozen, beef burgers and promoting a family-friendly atmosphere. 

Under his leadership, Wendy’s grew from a single restaurant in Columbus, Ohio, to a major international fast-food chain recognized and loved by millions around the world. 

Richard Yingling of Yingling Breweries

richard yingling beer

Richard Yingling’s journey with Yingling Breweries is a story of dedication, insight, and transformative leadership. 

Many have asked, “Can I become a billionaire?” and Richard’s story provides a glimpse into the kind of commitment and vision required to reach such heights.

During his early years, Richard spent significant time within the brewery plant, absorbing the intricate details and nuances of the brewing process. 

This hands-on experience was not merely a routine job for him; it was a period of learning and discovery that would later serve as the foundation for his visionary approach to the brewing business.

Richard learned the various stages of brewing, from the selection of quality grains and hops to the meticulous process of fermentation.

This deep, practical knowledge allowed Richard to develop a keen sense of quality control and innovation. 

He was not content with merely following established procedures; he constantly sought ways to enhance the flavor profiles and efficiency of the production process. 

richard yingling success story

His proactive mindset and willingness to experiment were instrumental in introducing new and exciting products to the Yingling portfolio, each brew reflecting the brand’s commitment to excellence.

As the years progressed, Richard took on more significant responsibilities within Yingling Breweries. 

Under his leadership, Yingling Breweries evolved from a relatively small, family-owned enterprise into one of America’s largest privately-owned breweries.

Les Wexner of L Brands

Les Wexner’s journey to establishing L Brands, the illustrious parent company of renowned brands like Victoria’s Secret and Bath & Body Works, is a story all about dedication and keen learning. 

Les Wexner success story

His initial foray into the retail sector was not through a grand enterprise but rather through a modest, family-owned store located in the heart of Columbus, Ohio.

In this small-scale retail environment, Wexner wasn’t just a passive observer; he was an active participant, slowly honing his skills and absorbing the nuances of the retail business. 

He learned the importance of customer service, and understanding the needs and preferences of those who walked through the doors. 

He grasped the significance of inventory management, ensuring that the store was adequately stocked but not overburdened with products. 

Additionally, he developed a keen sense of marketing and sales, identifying strategies to attract and retain customers effectively.

When the time came for Wexner to carve his own path in the retail market, he was not a novice but a seasoned participant, armed with knowledge, insight, and a vision for success. 

With the establishment of L Brands, he didn’t just create a company; he built a global empire recognized and celebrated for its quality, customer service, and innovation.

Harlan Sanders (Colonel Sanders) of KFC

Harlan Sanders, widely recognized as Colonel Sanders of KFC embarked on a journey that is nothing short of perseverance and tenacity. 

harland sanders kfc story

Sanders didn’t start in the culinary industry; Initially, he served as a firefighter, dedicating his life to the service. 

This role, while seemingly unrelated to his later venture, instilled in him a sense of duty and commitment, qualities that would prove invaluable in his entrepreneurial journey.

Sanders transitioned into the role of an insurance salesman. 

However, it was in culinary arts where Sanders found his true calling. He didn’t just stumble upon it; instead, it was a gradual realization born out of his experience in serving food. 

His special fried chicken was not just about the unique blend of herbs and spices; He understood that people were not just looking for fast food; they sought quality, flavor, and consistency.

 This understanding played a major role in shaping the KFC brand, turning it into a symbol of quality fried chicken worldwide.

The Secret to Dreaming Big

how to dream big

If you’ve ever wondered, “Can I become a billionaire?”, know that achieving such dreams requires more than mere wishful thinking; it demands action, persistence, and an unyielding belief in your potential. 

“Dreams don’t work unless you do,” 

Take the inspiring story of Colonel Sanders as a beacon of motivation. Sanders didn’t initiate his entrepreneurial journey in his youth. In fact, he was 65 when he started franchising his now world-renowned chicken recipe. 

His story is not just a testament to his culinary skills but a vivid illustration that age is not a barrier when it comes to chasing after your dreams.

It’s never too late to start, and there’s no timeline to success.

The internet has dismantled traditional barriers to entry in various fields, providing a platform for anyone with a vision and commitment to establish their venture.

Affiliate marketing is one such lucrative opportunity. I almost see it as the new path to answering the question of whether can I become a billionaire. And while it may not have created billionaires yet… it has definitely made millionaires like Mark Anastasi, a hell of a lot of times, but then again, most do not reach this level.

This model allows individuals to leverage their passion and knowledge about certain products or services, acting as intermediaries who recommend these to potential buyers.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a barista, mechanic, teacher, or someone with a dream, remember that there’s a world of opportunities waiting for you. 

Embrace your journey, own your story, and most importantly, dream big, and the question of: can I become a billionaire becomes a step closer. Remember, “No job is too small, no dream too big.”

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