Online Courses and Tools For Building and Growing a Profitable Blog

The following video courses, templates and tools were created to help you start, build and grow a successful online business using blogging. If you want all the courses, plus my super-simple WordPress training, you can get Affiliate College👇



The ultimate discounted bundle of my 4 best-selling courses on how to start, build and grow a successful and profitable affiliate blogging empire.

Training Courses



Learn how to quickly start your first blog online, including keyword research, site structure, writing and optimization tips to outrank your competitors.


Affiliate For Beginners

Learn how to start build and grow your first affiliate business, EVERYTHING you need!


Organic Traffic Course

Learn how to get traffic from Google fast without building backlinks! Uses super easy to use FREE sites.


WordPress Non Techy

Master the art of WordPress if you suck at websites and have never even used a computer before.

Not sure which training course is right for you?

If you’re a bit confused about where to start, this will help you decide! 👇

Have you started your online business?

If you haven’t, you have 2 options. 1) learn how to create affiliate marketing niche websites, or 2) learn how to create niche blogs. They both work extremely well together also and overlap in many places. 

Affiliate For Beginners is my flagship training course and covers everything you need to set up your very first niche affiliate marketing website, including, keyword research, content writing, and creation, email marketing, backlinking plus so much more.

The Affiliate College is where you get all of my best-selling training courses all bundled into 1 at a huge discount, and includes absolutely everything you need to start build and grow your very own online business, a real gem.

Have you started getting traffic to your blog?

If not, I recommend Organic Traffic which uses free SEO strategies on many of the coolest websites on the internet and how you can siphon off floods of traffic for your own sites. 

I love this training and will open your eyes to what you can achieve online with pretty much ZERO marketing spend.

Are you stuck getting your website working?

One of the hardest things for most people, especially non-techies people is actually making the websites and actually even posting content. I hear you, and this is exactly why I created the WordPress training for non-techies

This is the easiest step-by-step training that covers everything you need to 1) build your website, 2) add content to it, and 3) make it pretty, even without a graphic designer.

This is everything you need to get to the level where you can start monetizing your new website. Perfect for either the affiliate or blogging trainings.

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