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How To Find Affiliate Niche Ideas – 4 Easy Methods

How to Find Micro Niche Ideas for Affiliate Marketing

Are you struggling to find your niche?

Most new affiliate marketers do, and you’re not alone.

Here, we’ll go through a full demonstration of how to find micro niche ideas for affiliate marketing.

For example, we’ll use ” beeswax scented candles” and niche it down even further.

When we were about to write this, we decided to pick a random niche that we knew nothing about,

To show you that this method works in all kinds of niches.

Key takeaways:

  • You will understand why it is crucial to find your niche,
  • And you will also learn the four simple ways to find profitable long-tail keywords you can target.

Just follow step by step and adapt everything you will learn in this post to find your best affiliate marketing niche.

By the end of this post, you’ll discover how to niche down using Google to find some best niche ideas.

So let’s dive in.

Why Is It Important To Find Your Affiliate Marketing Niche

  1. It helps you to avoid overwhelming yourself while trying to serve different groups of people,
  2. It’s easier to identify your target audience and serve them to your best,
  3. You will be an expert in your niche,
  4. You can quickly build trust with people when they perceive that you’re speaking to them and them alone,
  5. You can make more affiliate commissions because it helps shape your marketing and marketing message.

How to Find Micro Niche Ideas for Affiliate Marketing

These strategies we’ll discuss here are so simple that you might dismiss or neglect them.

No matter how easy it is, it works more than, if not all the paid Keyword tools.

So pay attention as we go through how to use these tools to find a good tight niche to profit:

The Google A-Z Method

Google A-Z is a keyword research method using Google where you type in your main topic or broad niche into the Google search bar,

And add  A to Z right before it. As you change the letters, Google will display more keywords.

Look through the keywords that Google shows you to pick a profitable niche that interests you.

For example, if our main keyword is “scented candles,” and we enter it in the Google search bar, then let’s start adding A to Z.

Using this method, we found “scented candles and asthma.”

how to find affiliate niche ideas with Google a-z

Now we need to start taking notes on the keywords that come up here.

You can still go through your keywords later to see if there is a good niche you can target.

But for this post, we’ll use “scented candles and asthma.”

By the end of this training, you’ll see how this keyword would evolve into a specific keyword that we can use to build our affiliate website.

The Google People Also Ask Method

Next, we would be looking through the People Also Ask section in the Google search results to see if there are great questions that people are asking about our main topic.

You may have never considered this before, but it’s also a great way to find many keywords.

Let’s say we search for “scented candles and asthma for mosquitoes,”

Google tells us that people searching for “scented candles and asthma” are also asking questions like:

  • Do scented candles keep mosquitoes away?
  • What scent do mosquitoes hate?
  • Do candles scare mosquitoes?
how to find affiliate niche ideas with Google people also ask

If you want Google to love you, and push you up the search engines, find relevant questions from this list and answer them on your website.

But that’s if you have already found your target audience.

The Google Related Searches Method

If we go to the bottom of the Google search results page, we’ll find the “Google-Related Search” section.

If you don’t know how to niche down, this is also a good place to find the right sub-niche keywords based on what people are searching for.

It tells us that these keywords are also related to the keyword we’re looking for.

Some of them might be relevant and help you narrow your niche further than just scented candles and asthma.

how to find niche ideas for affiliate site with Google related searches

Leverage The KeywordsFX Tool

Finally, we’ll use KeywordFx to find more great keywords. It’s a simple tool and free to use.

If we search for “scented candles” in the search bar, this cool tool will find over 540 keywords that we can go through.

And the great thing about this tool is that you can export it as a CSV file to our Google Sheets,  as you can see below.

how to use keywordfx to narrow affiliate niche

How to Niche Down Further And Find Even More Keywords

You can take those keywords that you found and also do the Google A-Z to get even better niche keywords, and that’s how to narrow down your niche further.

We’re just trying to find as many keywords as possible at this moment,

Later, we’ll go through it to find the best and most relevant one.

Using this method, we’ve found a very relevant, and it is “beeswax scented candles and asthma diffuser.”

That’s how simple this is.

Use These Strategies To Find Your Target Audience

Now, you have learned how to find micro niche ideas for affiliate marketing,

You’re looking for niches that are interesting to you to write about.

When researching, look for keywords that grab your attention. Those could be the winning keywords.

Remember, you’re trying to find a sub-niche in your main niche. For example, if your main niche is “scented candles,” then we can narrow it down to “beeswax scented candles” or even further to “beeswax scented candles for asthma,” 

And if we want, we can narrow it down even further to “beeswax scented candles for asthma diffuser.”

So go through the keywords you have found and select the few that make sense to you.

But first, save all the keywords you have found into Google Docs for future use.

Good luck, and remember, have fun with it. Play around with Google and see what you come up with.

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