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How To Find Winning ClickBank Products For Complete Beginners

Winning ClickBank Products

Do you want to find winning ClickBank products?

ClickBank is filled with lots of crappy, bad information products that could ruin your reputation. But there are still diamonds in the rough.


If you can take your time to search, you can still find a long list of top ClickBank products that your audience would be so happy to buy.

But if you don’t understand what ClickBank is and how to use it, you can check out our Step-By-Step Guide To ClickBank Affiliate Marketing For Beginners.

In this post, we’re going to go through how to use Clickbank, and everything you need to do once you have signed up, 

Most importantly,

I will show you how to find winning ClickBank products, what you need to be looking for in those products, how to choose them, and how to make sure you’re picking the best ones with good commissions,

Let’s dive in.

if you want to get started with Clickbank, first of all, you need to go to Clickbank and click sign up and then you’re going to fill in your details like your name,  phone numbers, and passwords, and you’re ready to go.

I won’t be walking you through how to sign up for ClickBank because I believe you can do that.


The good thing about Clickbank is you don’t need a website to get started on Clickbank, 

which is awesome. 

Most affiliate networks won’t approve you if you don’t show them a reliable source of traffic or how you will promote their products.

I still have bad news though.

But Clickbank has a strict rule about the country you must come from to be able to sign up for a Clickbank account.

ClickBank calls it ineligible countries and they stop people from these countries due to the high rate of fraud and scams in those areas…

So if you have successfully opened an account, let’s start.

ClickBank Marketplace

ClickBank affiliate Marketplace

Clickbank marketplace as the name sounds is like a real market where you can find all of the list of ClickBank products that you can promote.

ClickBank marketplace has a simple layout that is not too complicated for a complete beginner.

There’s a search bar in case you know the name of the product you search for or you can just simply go to the categories on the left-hand side of the page 

The categories are broken down into entertainment, Business, computers, cooking, e-business, employment, health and fitness, home and garden, Parents and families, and many more.

So you can click on any of these, and it will bring you to a whole list of products under that category or what we call NICHE.

Now, that you have seen all the products in your categories, how can you pick the best one out…

ClickBank Product Metrics And Their Meaning

There are thousands of ClickBank products to promote and since most of the products are completely crappy, if you want to find winning ClickBank products, you need to narrow the list down as much as you can.

To do this, you need to choose a category or your niche and then filter it using metrics like rank, average dollar per conversion, initial conversion, recurring rebill, etc.

Every product has these metrics so you need to carefully use them to analyze the product to find the best one and also the one that would add the most value to your audience.

 Let’s use this particular product for example

Clickbank product metrics

So in this product, we have got:

  • Initial conversion of $45.74,
  • Average conversion of $64.37,
  • Recurring rebill of  $40.05,
  • Gravity of 52.70,
  • It has a mobile version ( very important since most of your audience would be coming from mobile phones),
  • An affiliate page ( very important).

I’m going to go through and explain what these metrics are, so you can understand how to use them to find winning ClickBank products you can promote.

Initial $/conversion

The average commission an affiliate initially earns for each conversion to the ClickBank offer (not including rebills).

 It’s a good idea to choose products with a low initial $/conversion (less than $50). It usually means a low upfront cost for your customers. Therefore, you have a better chance of making sales.

Average $/conversion

The average commission an affiliate earns for each conversion they make, including earnings from initial sales, upsells, and rebills.

Recurring rebill 

The average commission an affiliate earns for each rebill (like a monthly or yearly subscription) of a product. When you have some experience, aim for products with a recurring billing model.


Clickbank high gravity products

It’s the number of affiliates that have made a sale in the last 12 weeks.

In ClickBank, you need to be searching for a product that has gravity but not high gravity because ClickBank high gravity products make it difficult for you to promote the product using search engine optimization.

The best gravity to go for is to stick between 4 and 12.

This means there is less competition and it’s going to be easier for you to potentially rank for content related to your niche as well.

 Since you’re targeting people who are searching for your keywords on search engines.

And the good thing about SEO is that people searching for terms on google have intent, which means most of them are likely to buy from you when they land on your website, right?

But as you grow as an affiliate marketer and you start using paid advertisements, quizzes and building up your email list,

Then you can go for products with higher gravity but as a beginner, I would recommend you stick with gravity between 4 and 12.

But I just want you to focus on SEO right now, okay?

If you’re looking for something very specific like you are targeting a specific audience that speaks a particular language you can sort by selecting either German, English, Spanish, etc, or sort by one-time billing, recurring one-dollar trial, or products that require approval.

With all these filters you can narrow your search more but you might not find products under this category that is that good but it is worth the try,

Choose ClickBank Products With Affiliate Page

One of the important things we look for in every product we promote is an affiliate page.

An affiliate page is a resource page created by the product creator( vendor) to enable the affiliates to promote the product better.

An affiliate page provides you with lots of resources including:

  • Product images,
  • Freebies,
  • Articles for content marketing,
  • Ad banners,
  • Keywords,
  • Email templates,
  • Demographic targeting.

You can easily take these resources and use them as yours,

For example, you can take the email swipes and send it out to your audience using maybe Getresponse.

And all these resources have already been tested and proven to work, so you don’t need to reinvent the wheel or create yours which makes it easy to go quickly from finding a product to promoting it and probably making sales.

For example, when you look at this product’s affiliate page here, it has over 15 articles that you can swipe and use on websites or even on free blogging platforms like medium to drive traffic to the affiliate product while providing value in the process.

Which is a better form of marketing anyway…

Clickbank products with affiliate page

Some products you find on ClickBank give you an example of how they do their marketing and why you should promote them and how much you can make in the whole customer journey. Check out this product here:

top Clickbank products.

When you perform a ClickBank product search, you need to be searching for products like this that either have recurring income or other backend products that the customer can purchase as well… This enables you to continue getting paid for a few customers you have sent to the business.

Search Google for ideas

If you’re running out of ideas or if this whole process seems overwhelming, google is your best friend…

You can just search on Google “ Best ClickBank product for gardening”,

And Google will bring you a bunch of websites that have listed what they thought is the best ClickBank product for your specific niche.

best Clickbank products

You can get an idea of what is being recommended on Google as the best ClickBank products as well.

Now, you can then go through each of those products to find out which one of them is best for your target audience.

But first, I would recommend you do the whole process above and when you still can’t find the right product by yourself then you can utilize this method.


Because this method doesn’t give you options to explore and that’s very important, to learn what makes a product a potential winner.

As you can see, this method simplifies the whole process, by leveraging the work other people have done.

Now, that you have found your dream product, what’s next?

Generate Your ClickBank Affiliate Link

What is a Hoplink?

A Hoplink (affiliate link)  is a unique link that is given to you by ClickBank, that gives you the ability to be credited for each sale…

Every affiliate program gives you an affiliate link, it’s very important.

 You can then place it on your website or send it to your audience through email depending on your promotional strategy and whenever someone clicks on your link and buys the product, you get paid a commission.

There are two ways to generate your affiliate link on ClickBank

  1. `Through the affiliate page
Clickbank affiliate link

Most ClickBank products give you the ability to generate your unique link through their affiliate resource page just to make it easier for you.

You will see a link that looks like the one above, all you have to do is copy the link and place it in your notepad.

I want you to know that this unique link is only used to promote that particular product and if you want to promote another product then you have to generate another unique link for it.

Then the next step is to copy your ClickBank ID and use it to replace the part of the link that’s CBID and that’s all. Your affiliate link is now ready for you to start promoting.

  1. Using the promote button in the ClickBank marketplace
Clickbank products to promote.

This is an old-school way of doing it.

Clickbank allows you to generate your affiliate link by just simply clicking on the promote button in the marketplace, it would take you to another page where you will be prompted to put your ClickBank nickname.

Just put your account nickname and click generate hoplink, and it will automatically generate your affiliate link quickly.

You can start promoting immediately if you already have an audience who is hungry to buy your affiliate offers, and every sale you make through these links is credited to you.

Are You Ready To Find That Product Your Audience Can’t Wait To Buy?

Start now to find clickbank products

So Clickbank is very easy to use, you can easily choose products to promote if you know exactly what it is that you’re searching for, 

Then you can go on to find products that can offer the highest value to your audience.

So if you haven’t picked your niche yet, you don’t have to worry, 

in my next post, I’m going to show you not only how to find a profitable niche but also how to find a niche that you love or at least you’re interested in learning about.

There are lots of great products on ClickBank, but that doesn’t mean there are no crappy products as well…

Finding winning ClickBank products is difficult and time-consuming But, that doesn’t mean it isn’t doable. It’s very doable.

With the tips and resources in this post, you’re now armed with knowledge.

 You know what steps you need to take and you know what to look for to find that winning product that your audience will love to buy.

All that’s left is for you to take action.

Are you ready to get started? Ready to find that winning product that could change your affiliate marketing business? Ready to offer your audience the best value while making a crazy amount of commissions?

Then let’s do this thing.

Ciaran Doyle

I’m Ciaran, and when I’m not wandering around South-east Asia, you will find me stuck behind my laptop doing online business stuff. Love the freedom this world of digital business affords us. Come on in…

How To Rank The Perfectly Optimized Blog Post

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