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How To Find Winning Products On Market Health

Have you been on Market Health but can’t seem to figure out how to find profitable products to promote?

In this post, I want to give you a demo walkthrough of how to find winning products on Market Health affiliate network and give you a few top products that you can start promoting right away.

how to find products on market health

Market Health is an affiliate network for people wanting to promote products within the health niche.

And even if you’re not in the health niche and you know a little about it, ranking market health products using search engine optimization is not too crazy.

Even with free websites like and Google Sites.

In my last post, I talked about why Market Health Affiliate Network is the best health affiliate program out there and why you should choose it.

OK, so let’s get stuck into this…

We’re going to quickly run through Market Health and what its back end looks like.

Market Health is so easy to sign up for, then click on the Market Health login to get in. One great thing is there’s no waiting for approval, you get instant access to start promoting products.

Market Health will ask you for your website when you are signing up. If you have not had the chance to make a website yet, and still want to use Market Health, perhaps promoting the products on Facebook, then put

When you’re logged in, and you click on offers, you will see the list of all the offers they have such as health offers and cosmetics.

There are also the latest offers, it contains the latest products being published on Market Health.

Product categories on market health

But when you click on one of these products, let’s have a look at what you see.

You will see your affiliate ID and tracking link, and one great thing is that Market Health automatically gives you your affiliate link. You don’t have to request approval to promote most products except for a few.

Product affiliate link on market health

So as you can see, this is an affiliate I.D. for this product and I can start promoting this product right away.

If you wanted you can shorten the link to make it look better to share on social platforms. You can use the Twitter icon to share on Twitter or through email.

So there are lots of little things that you can do here, the most important thing is just your affiliate tracking link. Your main goal is to start promoting products as soon as possible.

Banners and creatives for promoting products on market health

When you scroll down, you will see some more information and banners that you download and place on your websites or use to run paid ads.

You could simply grab the code of the banner and embed that code on your website.

Another great thing is you can click through to see what the landing page looks like.

Let’s say you’re promoting Curcumin 2000, which is used to cure inflammation.

I think it looks really good.

Product landing pages on Market Health convert well.

Good product landing page on market health

So let’s say somebody clicks on a link on your website after they’ve read a good review about curcumin,

Or you’ve recommended the people this curcumin product because you’ve written a great article about inflammation and overcoming it, and they clicked on it.

And they go through the sales page and bought the product.

market health products with free bottle offer

Since they come through your link, you made the sale and that’s the importance of your unique Affiliate link. It gives you the ability to track the sale that is being made on your site.

Let’s look at all of the offers that we have on Market Health by clicking All Offers.

Product payout on market health

So as you can see, is broken down by a preview of the landing page and then you’ve got your payout, which is what you can make from promoting the product.

For example, with the first product you can make from its $20 cost per action, and it’s in the general health niche and English offer.

Another product here is Garcinia cambogia and I’m sure you must have heard of it.

This product was a big weight loss program that was massive a few years ago. Some great affiliate sites have been created around this product.

Garcinia Cambogia product on market health

People can sign up for a free bottle offer. And this is what I love about this.

You’re giving away freebies and then you’re making sales on the back end of those freebies you have given.

And on Market Health, especially in the weight loss niche or with products that help the body, most of them offer a free bottle.

The curcumin 2000 product we talked about earlier offers 3 free bottles if you buy 3 from them and 1 free bottle if you buy 2.

I like to promote these products because you can build your email list by promoting the free bottle offer and you can make money with CPA Marketing here too.

Because the person can take action by putting their email and requesting the free bottle offer and you can make a commission.

If we look here, we have another product called Lash energizer.

Lash energizer product on market health

This is in the beauty niche here, so get beautiful celebrity eyelashes, longer, thicker,
darker, and fuller in weeks.

So easy to use, kind of cool, fun, exciting magazine style layouts and building credibility using information by doctors,

And most people will scroll down to the end and buy, then you make a sale.

Let’s have a look at another couple of products like Ketosis Advanced.

Again, this is a weight loss product, you also get your risk-free bottle offer.

They all follow a similar kind of vein, brightly colored and it’s because these Magazine’s styles have been tested and proven to convert.

There’s money being put into these by copywriters, All the graphics have been tested.

So your only job is getting people to these pages and you saw how easy it was to start advertising these products.

Now there are products like Insta doc, you have to request approval to promote.

So what this is, it connects you to any doctor, any time using your phone, tablet, or computer.

Let’s have a look at the preview landing page.

Insta doc product on market health

So this is pretty cool.

But you need to request approval,

First of all, you’re going to need to prove yourself as an affiliate marketer before you can apply to that product.

So if you’re only starting, you don’t want to be choosing this kind of product.

Request approval for market health product

So let’s go back in and look at another product.

The Ketosis Advanced, you can as well copy grab your Link immediately like other products and start promoting.

They have a really good sales message for example on their landing page they have things like

“Ketosis advanced is a natural phenolic compound that is the primary aroma compound of red raspberries.”

“We use 100 percent pure ingredients and don’t have any artificial stimulant additives.”

So if you were interested in fitness again, you could potentially use something like this very simple.

You could also use their messages like the one above to help you sell the product.

Most popular product on market health isKetosis advanced

Once they click on the link on your website and get their free bottle offer, then you get paid.

So it’s very easy to use. I love this.

It’s probably one of the easiest affiliate networks to use and one of the places that I would recommend you get started as a beginner.

So look at the offers, go through them and see which of them you’re interested in.

Niches like Colon health, cosmetics, general health products, etc.

Top niches on Market health

Lots of products on men’s health even pet health Niche and they have products like pet bounce,

But pet in itself is massively underrepresented on the search engines. And pet bounce is super easy to rank on search engines.

And you can earn $45 CPA or a 50% cost per share or revenue share.

OK, so you’ve got some sexual health products too like Deer Antler Plus.

Deer Antler Plus is pretty good for a Google Images search engine optimization.

Skin care products Like, acne, Revitol, and teeth whitening products as well.

Teeth whitening products like idle white, and optimizing your content around teeth whitening keywords.

A lot of people looking to invest a lot of paid advertising, while the search engine optimization side of these is is often overlooked.

So if you keep reading my post you will master search engine optimization and you will be able to take advantage of these opportunities.

But there you go. You’ve got Market Health.

It’s really easy to use.

You’ve got a stack of hundreds of products here that you can potentially start promoting straight away.

So I want you to drop a comment below and let me know which product you’re going to start promoting today.

If you like this post, and know now how to find winning products on Market Health, you will also like my post on how to find any affiliate program, where I show you how you can easily find affiliate programs for any niche you’re in.

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