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Free Expired Domain Search Tool –

free expired domain search tool

Are you searching for free expired domain search tool?

It is easy to get overwhelmed when you get to the platform and see lots of figures and metrics you don’t understand.

Key takeaways:

  • You will discover what is and how to use it to find great expired domains that can help boost your new affiliate website to rank higher in search engines.

In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through a step-by-step tutorial on finding solid expired domains using

It can be hectic.

Since it’s free, you must be ready to sacrifice the time needed to find these domains.

Expired domain checklist

Now, we’re providing you with our expired domain buying checklist, and this is a simple checklist that you can check off while searching for the right expired domain.

Once you have checked off everything on this list, it helps you feel confident buying an expired domain knowing that you’re buying the right one.

But first, you need to have all your nine niches available before you can start this process so that you can be able to go through all the niches to find a solid expired domain to buy.

This is because you might not be able to find any good domain for your preferred Niche at this time.

Maybe later, you can still find a good domain for your Niche, but you should have your nine niches available because you can move on to the next Niche once you can’t find an expired domain for your preferred Niche.

You continue to do that for the rest of the nine niches until you find a great expired domain that you can work with.

If you don’t have your nine niches, you can check out our training post on a simple exercise to find nine great niches in a few minutes.

As you can see below, we have questions, yes or no, and the check box.

how to use expired domains buying checklist

You must answer yes to each of these questions. Let’s take the first question, Is your domain authority over 15?

Although it would be great if you could find an expired domain with a Domain Authority of over 15 if you couldn’t find any domain with this domain authority,

You could find a domain with a domain authority of 10 and above. Still, if the rest of the elements on the checklist is checked off, then that’s a good domain for you to consider.

That’s the same with the other elements on the checklist.

Tools You Need For Find Good Expired Domains For Free

  1. platform
  2. Free Backlinks checker by Ahrefs
  3. Domain history checker by whoisrequest. Free Expired Domain Search Tool

The first thing we’re going to do to kick off this tutorial is to sign up for a Free account with

Once you have signed up and logged in, you must go through and familiarize yourself with some of the things you see on the page.

how to use

These elements can be confusing, but we will list the essential elements and their meanings. 

As we go through this tutorial, you will learn exactly how to use them to find great expired domains.

But the most important element we see on the page we’ll be working with is the deleted domains, as seen in the image above.

Deleted Domains

To get started, we’re searching for expired domains that have been deleted or dropped in the last seven days, 

Because we want recently expired domains to get them up and start ranking on Google as soon as possible, that’s the benefit of expired domains. 

When we click on deleted domains, it will show us the expired domains list dropped in the last seven days.

how to find deleted domains on

As you can see, there are 1,296,257 deleted domains in just the last seven days.

That’s a crazy number.

In this tutorial, it will be impossible to go through millions of domains to find the perfect expired domains for niche sites.

But we’re going to narrow down this list to a manageable size that we can then go through and find our domain.

what does elements in mean

Looking at the image above, you will notice many elements here. Let’s check out these elements and their meanings:

  1. LE:  length of the domains. The shorter the domain, the better your audience can remember your domain name.
  1. BL: Backlinks.
  1. DP: Referring Domains.
  1. WBY: Birth year of your domain using the who is creation date.
  1. ABY: Birth year of your domain using your first phone date from
  1. ACR: Number of Crawl results that the archive has done on it.
  1. MMGR: Alexa majestic global rank.
  1. WPL: Wikipedia links.
  1. The CNOBID shows if the domain is available for the different top-level domains.
  1. REG: Tells you how many times the domain has been registered.

There are so many ways to filter this list of domains. We’ll review the most important filters you need to find the right domains.

But first, let’s head over to the columns manager.

Column Manager

how to use columns manager in

You will see a tab on the upper right-hand side of the page called columns manager.

You can add and remove columns on the page with the column manager.

We will add three important elements in our buying checklist that we need to find our domains: Trust flow, Citation flow, and Trust ratio.

expired web domains

Once we have checked them, we’ll click on save changes, and when we go back to deleted domains, we will see that these three elements have been added to the columns.

where to buy expired domain

And now, we can begin with our expired domain search.

Filtering the deleted domains

expired domains for sale

We’ll click on the filter,  and if we have our niches ready, we can add our niche keyword.

For example, let’s choose “gaming” and click on save.

This platform will bring us a list of domains containing gaming, as shown below.

recently expired domains

And this is just one of the filters we’ll use.

To sort the results using the elements, you can sort from the highest to the lowest or from lowest to highest just by clicking on the element you want to sort.

For example, if we want to sort the result of the gaming search from domains with the highest Backlinks to the lowest, we just click on the BL.

expired domain tools

But lots of Backlinks don’t mean it’s a solid domain. Remember, we’re looking for a domain with at least 50 quality backlinks and 30 referring domains.

Domains like the one above with thousands of Backlinks and only a few referring domains, show Google that you have lots of spammy links, and your website will be penalized.

When we sort by trust Flow, as you can see, this domain has a Trust flow of 14, a citation flow of 7, and a Trust ratio of 0.50, which is unacceptable according to our checklist.

expired domains search

We have gone through the overview of how to get started filtering the deleted domains,

Next, we will apply more important filters while searching for a good expired domain for our Niche or just a random cool expired domain we can use to build our affiliate website.

How To Search For Expired Domains

Let’s search for games in the search bar at the top right-hand side.

It’s going to bring us all the expired domains that contain games. We have found 543,668 domains that have games in them.

how to use expired domains

Next, we will filter the result by only available domains dropped in the last 48 hours. 

Now you can see that we now have 108 domains available.

If we sort with Trust flow, the highest trust flow here is eight, and that’s not what we’re looking for.

What we have to do is to search for another variation of our keyword, let’s search for “Gaming.”

Using the same filter, available domains in the last 48 hours. This keyword is not going to work either 

After a few searches, we have found that gaming doesn’t have good expired domains.

But we can still find great expired domains in the future if we continue searching every day.

Since our first Niche didn’t work out, all you have to do is to go ahead and search for your other niches to see if you can find solid expired domains for sale.

In our next search, we will filter the deleted domains by available domains in the last seven days so we can have more domains to analyze.

We can narrow our search further by choosing only the top-level domains

benefits of expired domains

And also, we will set our Trust flow and citation flow at a minimum of 10. 

Now it can only show us just expired domains with Trust flow and citation flow of 10 and above, which is good, it reduces our workload.

expired domains search

With these filters, we can see over 557 deleted domains over the last seven days. 

You can narrow this search further by searching for your niche keyword and sort it by trust flow as we did before.

Some of the domains are not good at all but look at this domain here, and it has most of what we need.

expired domains for niche sites

How To Check Domain Backlinks Quality With Backlinks Checker

Next thing we’re going to do once we have found a domain that checks off some of the elements on our buying checklist is to check the quality of the backlinks.

And we can do this using the free backlinks checker by Ahrefs.

We’ll copy the domain, paste it into the backlinks checker, and click on check backlink.

expired domain history

We can see that the domain doesn’t look spammy except for this link from the slot, which means it has a gambling link associated with it.

expired domain tools

Next, we’re going to check the anchor text, but the anchor text, as you can see below, looks very natural. Google loves domains that have natural links to them.

But the thing wrong with this domain is that when we check the top page section, we find that two pages have the account suspended; this is a bad sign.

We don’t need a website that has its pages suspended.

expired domains search

But the next step in the process is to check the domain history.

Domain History

We can check for the expired domain history using the domain history checker by whoisrequest.  As we check the domain,

We notice that the domain has only been dropped two times in the last seven years. As shown in the image below, it dropped in 2015 and again in 2020.

It has a good domain history since we are looking for domains that have been dropped not more than twice.

expired domain tools
expired domain history

Overall the domain is not that bad. You can choose it if that’s the only choice you got. 

You should avoid this type of domain below; it has zero domain authority, has over 4000 backlinks, and only 15 domains referring to those backlinks, which is very bad.

Find expired domains with traffic

You should not go for domains that contain brand names in them.

You should avoid sex-related domains unless you’re promoting sex affiliate programs, but if not, you should avoid them because Google won’t rank you for anything.

My  recommendation

Finding these expired domains using can be very tricky, but it’s possible,

Just like we have done in this tutorial, all you need to do is put in the work. If possible, you can dedicate one hour a day to expired domains search.

And in no time, you’re going to find an expired domain that is relevant to your Niche.

During your search, you have to check off all the elements of the buying checklist, if possible,

But if you can’t find domains that check off the whole list, you can choose the one that checks off most of the important elements in the buying checklist.

When searching for domains on, we would recommend you shouldn’t search for niche keywords.

This shows a bunch of cool domains that you might not have found if you have searched for keywords.

Just use the most important filters that we have talked about, such as Trust flow, citation flow, trust ratio, and backlinks, and search for only available domains,

Then go through the domain one by one to find the one relevant to your Niche or a potential niche you want to go after.

But you can still search for your niche keywords if you want, and as we said before, if you couldn’t find a domain for that Niche, you can move on to the next Niche and continue till you find a solid expired domain.

It depends on the one that works for you, but for anyone you choose, you just have to put in the work and time to be successful.

In the next post, we’ll talk about a paid expired domain tool you can use to find expired domains with traffic called Spamzilla.

Spamzilla helps solve some of the troubles you’ll have with It simplifies the whole expired domain search.

Thanks for reading, talk to you soon.

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