What is AdWords (Google Ads)?

AdWords, now rebranded as Google Ads, is a digital advertising platform developed by Google. It’s widely used in digital marketing to place ads across Google’s search engine and its display network. This platform is crucial for driving targeted traffic, increasing visibility, and enhancing online marketing efforts.

How is “AdWords” used in digital marketing?

AdWords plays a vital role in digital marketing strategies. Businesses and marketers use it primarily for pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns. These campaigns display ads on Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs) and its vast network of websites, depending on the keywords targeted.

For example, a business selling sports equipment might use AdWords to create ads that appear when people search for “buy sports gear online.” This instance of “AdWords” showcases how strategically placed ads can attract potential customers and increase sales.

AdWords can also be leveraged for remarketing purposes.  A website can display specific ads to users who have previously visited their site but didn’t make a purchase. In this context, “AdWords” helps in reconnecting with potential customers, potentially leading to increased conversions.

Where does the term “AdWords” come from?

The term “AdWords” originated from Google’s launch of its online advertising platform in 2000. It became a cornerstone of digital marketing with the rise of search engine usage and online advertising.

The service was rebranded as Google Ads in 2018, reflecting its broad range of advertising capabilities beyond just words on search results.

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