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What are Good Expired Domains: Boost Your SEO Rankings

What are Good Expired Domains

Do you want to jump-start your affiliate websites and rank quickly ahead of your competitors?

Good Expired Domains help you get quick traffic or rank higher in search engines in weeks.

As we all know, the better ranking you get, thus, the more traffic you get to your website and the more sales you make, and that’s how you can succeed with affiliate marketing much quicker.

Key takeaways:

  • You will discover what Expired Domains are and why they’re so important,
  • You will also learn the necessary things to look for in a good Expired Domain.

What are Expired Domains

Expired Domains are Domains that other people or businesses have spent their time building with a huge amount of trust and authority with Google and other search engines. 

how to search expired domains for affiliate site

Maybe they didn’t renew their subscription, or the business ended for some reason. 

Now that this domain is available for you to purchase, we can get these domains and benefit from the authority these other businesses have already built. 

Like some people say, standing on the shoulders of giants.  We call these expired domains  OPP (Old Power Players).

A good example let’s say Mike Tyson decided to reignite his career. 

He has successfully built a huge amount of authority in boxing, and fans love him.

That’s exactly what we are doing here. You are reigniting old, powerful domains that people or top businesses have used in the past.

What All Good Expired Domains Must Have

When choosing an Expired Domain, we are looking for the following:

  • High trust flow,
  • High citation flow, 
  • Lots of quality backlinks.

In the next training post, we will talk about what citation flow and trust flow means and how you can spot the good and the bad backlinks so you can find powerful good Expired Domains. 

There are different forms of backlinks, good and bad backlinks. 

Now what we’re looking for is lots of quality backlinks, at least 50 quality backlinks.

what does every good expired domains have

It will be hard to find because Google used to rank websites due to backlinks.

But now Google knows the difference between good and bad backlinks and penalizes websites with bad ones.

You must find Expired Domains with a stack of quality backlinks that will help your website rank much faster.

What You Can Do With Expired Domains

So what can we use Good Expired Domains for;

Building Authority Website

These websites contain loads of content on different categories or niches, and it takes years to start to build.

Making 301 Link Redirects  

It redirects the Expired Domain’s links to another website and transfers the authority and link juice to the website. 

Building Blog Networks

We’ll talk about this more when we go into building backlinks, but I won’t recommend you build blog networks using expired domains.

Building Super Niche Website

We recommend building your niche affiliate website using Expired Domains; this helps your website rank faster and higher than the competition.

Reasons Why Good Expired Domains Can Help You Rank Quickly

how to use expired domains to rank in search engines

It takes six to eight months for new domains to start to rank or establish authority but Expired Domains already have high domain authority.

Instead of wasting our time building authority for brand-new Domains, we already have a huge head start ahead of our competition and can begin to rank quickly. 

For example, I recently launched an online game site using an Expired Domain, and it took only two weeks to  get position one on Google  for my main keyword,

That’s completely impossible if you’re using a new domain.

So let me ask you a question. What do you choose?  

Do you want to buy a new domain with zero trust and authority and wait for six to eight months before you can start to rank on Google? 

Or do you want to buy an Expired Domain with a huge Domain Authority that you can use to rank as quickly as possible?

I guess you will choose Expired Domains, but how much does it cost?

How Much Does Expired Domains Cost?

Most people think that it costs a fortune to get an Expired Domain.  

Sometimes it does cost money, but most times, it costs the same price as a regular new domain.


Getting an Expired Domain can be one of the best investments you will ever make in building your affiliate website.

Do drop a comment below to let us know where you’re at right now,

And if you’re ready to find a good Expired Domain for your website, 

We want to give you our Expired Domain Buying Checklist that would enable you to pick the right Expired Domain. 

Click the link to check out the training. Talk to you soon.

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How To Rank The Perfectly Optimized Blog Post

Want to get More Traffic, Leads, and Improve your website’s ranking? Get your copy of the Opto-Matic Blog Post Ranking Process to help you opto-matically rank new and existing posts on your website.

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