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How to use Google Bard For SEO Success- 7 Best Prompts To Supercharge Your Ranking

In a time when AI is taking over, Google Bard, a generative Artificial Intelligence, stands head and shoulders above the rest, especially when it comes to SEO or search engine optimization. Google Bard SEO is getting so much better, and I have discovered that as ChatGPT is going down in effectiveness and quality of content, Google Bard is constantly going up.

The question remains, why wouldn’t using Google Bard for SEO get better and better over time?

It’s because Google Bard is owned by Google, and Google is the main reason that we do search engine optimization. Over 86% of all searches done on search engines are performed on Google. They built Google Bard from all of the information from its very own search engine.

It’s pretty much a game-changer for SEO. Unlike other AI tools like ChatGPT, Google Bard is tailor-made for Google’s own search engine, which, let’s face it, is where most of us go when we’re searching for stuff online. This means Bard’s got the inside track on what works best for getting noticed on Google. It’s like having a secret guide to climbing up those search rankings. Pretty neat, right?

So, if we learn how to utilize Google Bard correctly, it’s going to help our businesses get better rankings on Google and get more visitors to our sites. I’m using it currently to SEO optimize many of my online businesses including my affiliate marketing training courses and sites.

Key Takeaways:

  • You will uncover the best SEO Prompts to ensure you’re staying ahead of the competition,
  • How writers and SEOs can utilize Google Bard for SEO,
  • Base core SEO strategies that you need to take your web pages from lower positions up to the front page,
  • You’re going to learn how to utilize Google Bard to analyze your content, look for keywords, and see what you’re doing wrong in terms of SEO and how to make it better.

There are lots of AI Chatbots on the market, but the beauty of this is that Google Bard is free, and we’re going to use it to perform tasks that you’d pay $100 to $200 a month for other digital marketing software tools to do, so I’m super excited to share this with you here.

I have just created a document with the prompts for Google Bard that we will be utilizing in this training. You can Click Here to download the prompt.

How to Use Google Bard For SEO Optimization – A Detailed Guide

google bard for seo

Google Bard SEO Prompt 1:  Can you access a live page if I provide you with the URL?

For Prompt 1 in the Google Bard SEO guide, it’s all about getting Bard to check out the live page content. You just paste your webpage content into Bard, instead of a URL, and it starts working its magic on the SEO front.

Bard’s a bit quirky and can’t handle URLs directly, but once you feed it your page content, it dishes out some solid advice on making your site more search engine friendly. It’s like having a little chat with Bard about how to jazz up your site for better Google rankings!

This limitation can be somewhat frustrating when you’re seeking specific insights into a web page’s content and SEO optimization.

how to use google bard for seo

So instead of giving it a URL, we will instead copy all of our page content and feed it directly to Google Bard to make it easier for it to examine our copy.

Prompt 2:  Can you analyze the page content and come up with ways to improve the page for SEO? 

So, Prompt 2 is where the real fun begins. You basically ask Google Bard to take a deep dive into your page’s content and give you the lowdown on how to boost it for SEO. Imagine it like giving your blog post or web page a quick health check-up with Bard playing the doc.

You copy-paste your content, hit enter, and voila! Bard comes back with tips on sprucing up your title, balancing out those keywords, and other cool tweaks. It’s like having a friendly chat with a pro who knows all the SEO tricks to get your page climbing those Google ranks.

We’ll copy all the content from our blog post and paste it below the prompt.

Upon hitting enter, Google Bard will assess the content and provide a list of recommendations to enhance the SEO and secure a higher ranking.

As seen below, Google Bard Ai highlights its dislike for my current title. This is actually a positive sign, as it points out an area for copywriting improvement that I’ll gladly take into account to enhance the page’s title.

how to use google bard for copywriting

Google Bard also indicates that my keyword density, one of a variety of SEO techniques, is slightly on the higher side. To address this, you can verify your keyword density using Google Bard to tally how often your main keyword appears on the page.

Since we’ve just pasted our page content and Google Bard can’t recognize images, headers, or links, it might suggest including these elements. If they’re already part of your page, you can move on. Otherwise, follow these tips to enhance your page’s quality.

how to use bard for seo

Prompt 3:  Can you provide me with the top five sites ranking for the keyword [INSERT KEYWORD] on Google? 

So for Prompt 3, you’re playing detective with Google Bard. You ask it to list the top five websites ranking for your keyword.

It’s like asking, “Hey, who’s winning the SEO race for this keyword, and what can I learn from them?” Once you get those top sites, it’s all about being a bit nosy and seeing what they’re doing right. It’s a super handy way to peek at the competition and figure out how you can tweak your own content to play in the big leagues of Google’s top search results.

When you include your focus keyword here, it’s going to give you a list of the top five sites ranking for your keyword, which is great.

The major reason we’re asking you to give us the top five sites is that we want to learn from these sites and look at what the writers have created and the SEO techniques they have employed, so we can find a way to make our content better.

So when you search this AI prompt, Google Bard provides you with a draft A and Draft B to choose from. (Google Bard is constantly learning to improve the quality of their results and content).

bard ai for SEO

To select the draft you want, scroll down and click on Continue with A.

google bard vs seo

In this draft, we can find a list of the top websites ranking high on Google for our keyword. Now we move to the next prompt to find out why these websites are on the top, and what they do differently that we’re not doing.

SEO Prompt 4:  Can you analyze my content on the same topic [INSERT KEYWORD] and tell me what the top 5 sites do differently and how I could make my site content better? 

For Prompt 4, you’re taking things up a notch. After figuring out who the top dogs are in Prompt 3, now you’re asking Google Bard to compare your stuff with theirs.

It’s like saying, “Okay, Bard, show me what these top sites are doing that I’m not.” Bard then gives you the lowdown on how to make your content even better, like cutting out the fluff or making your points clearer.

It’s a fantastic way to fine-tune your content by learning from the best out there. Think of it as getting some insider tips to make your page a star!

If we insert the keyword “Why is my ClickBank account disabled” and click enter,

Google Bard provides specific suggestions on how to enhance our content.

bard ai search engine optimization tutorial

You’ll notice that many of the SEO techniques have been implemented already, but you’ll also discover valuable insights that could propel your content to a higher ranking.

For instance, what stands out to me with the keyword is the need to make my post more comprehensive, eliminating unnecessary fluff and filler words aimed solely at increasing word count.

SEO Prompt 5:  How many times did the keyword [INSERT KEYWORD] appear on each of the top 5 ranking websites?

Prompt 5 is where you dive into the nitty-gritty of keywords.

Here, you’re asking Google Bard to tell you how many times your chosen keyword pops up on those top-ranking websites.

It’s like doing a little keyword detective work to see what the sweet spot is. You then use that info to tweak your content, aiming for that perfect keyword balance.

It’s a clever way to make sure your page isn’t just repeating the keyword too much or too little. Think of it as tuning your content to the same frequency that’s working for the top players in your niche.

As you can see below, the most times the keyword appeared is 8 times

google bard ai seo to rank posts

So what we can do here is to add all the numbers above and divide it by 5 and then we can add 10 to 20% to it to make it even better. Then we can go and update my content.

But what I learned from earlier is that my content already has a high keyword density, so it’s probably more than 8, so I have to check that and use the information provided here to make it better than the competition.

Prompt 6:  Can you highlight where the keyword [INSERT KEYWORD] appeared on the page?

Prompt 6 is a really cool prompt. This one’s all about figuring out where exactly those savvy top-ranking sites are sprinkling their keywords. You’re basically asking Google Bard to highlight where the keyword shows up on those top pages.

It’s a bit like mapping out the secret spots where keywords are hidden in plain sight. This helps you understand better spots to place your keywords, like in the title, headers, or throughout the body of your content.

It’s a super smart way to fine-tune your content’s SEO game and get it in line with what’s working for the SEO pros!

When we have this information, we can go ahead and update our own content by adding the keywords in those positions in our content.

google bard for Search engine optimization

We have to do this if we want to have the chance of ranking for the keyword we are trying to rank for. So one of our SEO strategies needs to ensure our keywords are placed in the title tag, description, header, and throughout the body of the content. And this is super important!

Prompt 7:  Can you update my page content using the new information on this [INSERT KEYWORD]? Here is the page content:

For Prompt 7, it’s all about bringing it home. You’re taking all that great advice and insights you’ve gathered from the previous prompts and asking Google Bard to help you apply them to your page.

You paste your content back into Bard and say, “Alright, let’s update this baby with all the new tricks!” Bard then throws at you suggestions like a new title tag, a snazzy meta description, and other tweaks to make your content shine.

It’s like giving your page a mini-makeover with all the latest SEO trends. Super cool way to keep your content fresh and competitive!

bard search engine optimization ai

It also gives us an introduction to our content, and also every other thing we need to make our content even better.

So your job is simple, you just go through each one and update your article.

Final Thoughts on Google Bard SEO

Using Google Bard for SEO is like having a secret weapon in the digital world. It’s tailor-made for Google’s search engine, so it offers specific, effective strategies to boost your site’s ranking.

With Bard, you get personalized tips to refine your content, learn from top-ranking sites, and find that perfect keyword balance.

Looking ahead, there’s exciting potential for even more advanced features, like deeper keyword research and cutting-edge SEO optimization techniques. So, keep an eye out for future trainings and updates from Google Bard – they’re bound to keep you ahead in the SEO game!

To delve deeper into Google Bard for SEO optimization and maximize Google Bard’s potential, look forward to our next Google Bard training on keyword research and upcoming extensions. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. If you found this content valuable, please feel free to leave any questions or comments, and we look forward to connecting with you.

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How To Rank The Perfectly Optimized Blog Post

Want to get More Traffic, Leads, and Improve your website’s ranking? Get your copy of the Tripple T Blog Post Formula to help you get more visitors to your website.

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