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How To Add Images To Blog Posts In WordPress: A Quick Tutorial

If you’re searching for how to add Image to Blog Post WordPress tutorial and how to use Categories, then you’re in the right place.

Both of these sections are extremely important for the success of your search engine optimization.

Also, you have heard of the saying; An image says a thousand words.

Optimizing your images the right way to appear in search engines can also bring so much traffic.

Key takeaways:

  • You will discover these two WordPress elements and what they’re used for,
  • You will also learn how to add new images to WordPress Media Library.

There’s a section in the WordPress Dashboard called the media, where you can see all the images on your website.

There you can edit, optimize them, and much more.

Then, Categories organize your content into different topics.

For example, if the main topic of your website is Fitness, you can have a subtopic like yoga, weight training, etc.

These topics and sub-topics can be your categories.

Remember, You won’t be perfect the first time you apply the things you learn from our training, you have to do it, and the more you do it, the better you’ll get.

What Are WordPress Categories?

Categories helps you to organize your website,

It helps Google to understand what are the specific topics that your website focuses on.

For example, if your affiliate website is about leather jackets, your category should be leather jackets.

how to use categories to organize your website

You can also add a description to your category, which helps Google understand what your category is all about.

If you add every leather jacket you talk about on your website into this category,

When someone goes to your category page, they will see your content.

And they can click on anyone and purchase.

What Is WordPress Media Library?

Media Library is where all the media for your posts and pages are stored, from images, videos, and PDFs.

how to use the wordpress media library

You can edit, add, delete, and search for any media inside the media library.

You can also make changes to the SEO elements of your images by editing what is called the alternative text.

What Is Image Alt Text In WordPress?

Since Google can’t read this Image, it can only read the information that you give it about the Image.

how to add alt text to wordpress image

And we describe to Google what an image is through the alternative text. 

We do this using keywords to be able to also rank in Google images.

How To Add Image To Blog Post WordPress Demo

There are different ways to add Images to your Blog Post in WordPress:

You can insert Images into posts or add your images through the Media Library.

How To Add Images To WordPress Media Library

To add images directly to your WordPress Media Library, you have to follow this quick process:

  • From your WordPress Dashboard, select Media from the left-hand side of the page,
how to find media in wordpress dashboard
  • You will see a list of all the images you currently have in your Media Library,
  • To add new Images, click on Add New at the top of the Media Library page,
how to add new images in wordpress media library
  • You can either upload from your computer or drag and drop the Image you want to upload,
how to upload new images in media library wordpress
  • Finally, as we said before, you have to Optimize the Alternative Text, and there are two rules to do this correctly; It must be optimized with keywords while it explains what the Image is all about.


That’s it! You now know how to add images to blog posts in WordPress.

This process is quick and easy and only takes a few minutes to complete.

Adding images to your blog posts can help make them more visually appealing, helps support your content,

And also help drive more traffic to your website if they’re optimized very well.

If you have any questions about this process or need any help, please feel free to comment below.

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How To Rank The Perfectly Optimized Blog Post

Want to get More Traffic, Leads, and Improve your website’s ranking? Get your copy of the Opto-Matic Blog Post Ranking Process to help you opto-matically rank new and existing posts on your website.

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