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How to Build An Authority Affiliate Website From Scratch: Topic Cluster SEO

Starting a new affiliate website is exciting & fun…

You build it up, Google ranks you, and you start driving traffic to your website and probably make some sales.

But in reality, it’s not that simple…

Key takeaways :

  • What is Topic Cluster, and how it works,
  • Why it’s essential to the success of your website,
  • And a template you can use to create your topic cluster for your brand-new website.

According to Ahrefs: 90.63% of pages get no organic search traffic from Google.

There are lots of websites with only a few of their pages ranking on Google, and many websites that are not ranking at all.

We all know that one of the major ranking factors for Google is authority.

In this training post, we will walk you through how to build an authority affiliate website that ranks quicker & starts driving traffic.

So let’s get started.

What Are Topic Clusters

To build an authority affiliate site from scratch, we will use a content strategy called topic Clustering.

Topic Clusters is a content strategy whereby we have our main topic and at least five supporting topics that are super relevant to our main topic.

We use these support topics to create our support pages, and these pages help to push our mainPagee up the search engines.

Since our support pages are super relevant to our mainPagee, it makes the search engines see our website as an authority.

If you then build this website using a good expired domain, your new affiliate website is almost guaranteed to succeed.

How to Build An Authority Affiliate Website From Scratch

We’ll be using an example to explain what a Topic Cluster is…

So let’s imagine that your main topic is “Yoga for mothers” 

Now we’re going to find at least 5 specific keywords that are related to yoga for mothers.

With those keywords, we’ll build a cluster around our main topic.

These other topics or keywords that we’ve found, now becomes our supporting topics.

These keywords are going to be similar but not the same, meaning they’re all going to be talking about a different aspect of our main topic.

Like sub topics of our main topic.

First, we’ll create content for our main topic as well as our supporting topics or we can just get free content for our affiliate website.

As you can see in the image below we have our main topic in the center with our supporting topics all around it.

How do I increase my website authority on Google

These supporting topics help our main topic or Money page to rank faster and higher in search engines,

Because each of these supporting topics sends authority juice from their content to our main topic.

This tells Google that if all the Pages and Posts on our website are linking to this onePagee, then this is what the website is all about.

Moreover, Since all these supporting topics are also sub-topics of our main topic, Google starts to see you as an authority or a subject matter expert.

Very shortly, we will show you a simple example that will help you understand more about Topic Clusters and how they can help boost your ranking.

Why Are Topic Clusters Important For Building Successful Affiliate Sites

  • Topic Cluster is a good way to organize your website, and give it structure,
  • It also helps the search engines to index your website and help them understand what is the main topic your website is all about,
  • Topic Cluster is also a great way to add internal links to your website without having lots of links on your homepage to prevent Google from de-indexing your website or not even ranking you at all.
  • The beauty of Topic Clusters is that even these other supporting pages also rank on Google for long tail variation of your main topic.
  • The more we cluster topics together, the more we define that topic. It helps define the theme of our website.
  • Topic cluster helps search engines to see you as an authority or a subject matter expert.

And we know that authority is one of the major factors for ranking on Google.

Those days that simple Page website ranked on Google are gone, now to rank your mainPagee on Google, your website needs supporting Pages.

This is why Topic Clusters are important because every supporting Pages you create helps push your mainPagee up the search engines.

Think of this as a Cluster bomb that has different small bombs inside the bomb shell of the major bomb to produce a big explosion.

That’s exactly how this concept can work in exploding your website to rank much faster.

Overview Of Topic Cluster Content Strategy & How It Works

After you have done your keyword research, Filled out your Topic Cluster, and created content,

Your website is submitted to Google and other search engines for indexing.

Now, these search engines notice your keywords and start to group them, and the more keywords Google groups together, the more they see you as relevant to that topic.

What is the right way to make an authority site

Now the more content you create, the more the search engines group these keywords, and the more search queries you rank for.

The beauty of this process is that not only would it help you to rank your mainPagee, but also your supporting Pages as well.

Why this Topic Cluster process is so efficient is that when Google Bots want to crawl your website, it would realize that every singlePagee on your website is linking to this onePagee,

And that tells it that thisPagee must be the most relevantPagee on this website.

As you can see in the image above, the red circle shows how all the supporting Pages are linking to the mainPagee.

Most importantly, you can see that all the whole supportingPagee follows a similar theme.

As you can see that all of them are talking about Minecraft server hosting, which is the main topic.

Example Of How To Create An Authority Affiliate Site With Topic Clusters  

Here’s a good example of what a Topic Cluster is and we’re going to be using the online gaming niche as an example.

how to create authority affiliate website examples

As you can see, our main topic is cheap Minecraft Hosting Servers.

The green box is our main topic, while the blue boxes are our different supporting topics.

We have 5 supporting topics here, but you can have more supporting topics, there’s no limit to how many clusters you can create.

Your homepage/ main topic is your money page, and your supporting Pages should be focused on your money Page.

When Google picks up your mainPagee and starts to rank it, you will start to rank for many more keywords, even keywords you haven’t even thought about yet.

Now, you have to go ahead and create a document in your Google sheets and add your main topic with your supporting topics as we have done below.

[Image from presentation3:28 ]

You create this Google sheets so that when you find more keywords for your main topic and each of these supporting topics,

You can just easily add them under the topics and use them to optimize your content once you create them.

Create Your Own Authority Site With This Topic Cluster Strategy

[Image from presentation8:00]

You just learned how to build an authority affiliate website from scratch,

Using the information that you have in this post, we want you to print out the Topic Cluster template above and use it to create your Topic Clustering for your affiliate website.

You can use this as your Topic Cluster tool to build out your content plan that will help boost your ranking.

You can create this Topic Cluster using the keywords that you have found from your first exercise.

Look, don’t worry if you don’t get it right, the major thing is for you to get used to creating your topic cluster.

Add your keywords in an order that you believe is the best fit following the example that we have given to you above.

So go ahead and do it now.

Or haven’t gotten your niche yet?

You can check this Quick niche exercise to find multiple great niches.

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How To Rank The Perfectly Optimized Blog Post

Want to get More Traffic, Leads, and Improve your website’s ranking? Get your copy of the Opto-Matic Blog Post Ranking Process to help you opto-matically rank new and existing posts on your website.

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