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How To Create A Website For Affiliate Marketing: Step-By-Step Tutorial

It’s not odd that you’re searching for how to create a website for affiliate marketing,

Because that’s where most of us get stuck & probably QUIT.

how to create a website for affiliate marketing

The idea of hosting our website sounds techier than anything else.

When I learned how easy it is to set up my WordPress website and build an online business, I never looked back.

That’s why we want to show you how you can do this for yourself.

If you follow this step-by-step, you can get your website up and running in no time.

Before we get started, if you’re having problems choosing a niche, you can quickly find a niche for affiliate marketing using this exercise.

Key takeaways:

  • You will discover the best, fast, and cost-effective hosting companies,
  • You will learn how to host your first affiliate website,
  • You will also learn how to make your website come alive.

How To Choose The Perfect Web Host For Affiliate Marketing

There are different kinds of hosting, very good hosting, mediocre hosting and very bad or shitty hosting. You must avoid bad hosting by all means if you want to build a successful affiliate marketing website.

Here are things you need to have in mind when starting a brand new website:

  • You should not get free hosting, free blogs like, Medium, etc.
  • You should not go for the expensive hosting, because as a beginner you need to keep the cost as low as possible,
  • But what you should be looking for is a super fast web hosting that is very cheap.

Your website needs to be loading really fast because according to Google’s page speed algorithm, if your website loads very slow, it is bad user experience and Google will push you down the search engines.

When people find your website on Google or other search engines, when they click on it, it should load very quickly,

Because people’s attention span is very slim and when your website loads slowly, it can cause people to bounce from your website.

Google notices that, and pushes you down the search engines.

Our Recommended List Of Best Hosting Sites For Affiliate Marketing

No matter which hosting company you’re going to use, the process of hosting your domain is always similar.

Here is our recommended list of best hosting companies that  are suitable for beginners:

  • A2 Hosting,
  • Bluehost,
  • Wpx,
  • DreamHost,
  • HostGator.

How To Host Affiliate Website With A2 Hosting

We are going to use A2 Hosting for this tutorial since it’s one of the most fastest hosting we use for some of our affiliate sites. 

how to hosting affiliate website with a2 hosting

If you decide to use A2 Hosting, you have to consider choosing the Turbo boost,  

This is because it enables you to:

  • Host unlimited websites,
  • And also it is 20 times faster than other hosting plans,
  • The speed helps boost your SEO ranking as well.
use turbo boost a2 hosting plan for affiliate website
  • Now if you’re satisfied with the turbo boost hosting plan, then you have to decide whether to go for 3 years or a year or monthly,
  • Again we recommend going for a year plan because it gives you time to build up your website as a beginner to the point where you can start seeing results.
  • When you click on get turbo boost, on the next page it’s going to ask you to transfer your domain from another registrar, 
  • If you have already purchased your domain then you could just add your domain and click transfer.

how to sign up a new a2 hosting domain name

It’s not always a good idea to register your domain with the hosting.

If you’re trying to figure out where to buy domain, 

Next section we listed the two best domain registrars, you can go and get your domain registered.

  • Once you register your domain you have to come back to A2 Hosting,  
  • Select transfer your domain from another Registrar, add your new domain, and click transfer.
  • Then you go through the process to pay for your hosting, you would receive an email welcoming you onto the platform.
  • Once you’re registered, you have to log into your Cpanel.
how to navigate a2 hosting cpanel

Best Domain Registrar For Affiliate Marketing

Here is the list of the Domain Registrar that we consider the best for beginners:

  1. GoDaddy,
  2. Namecheap.

We always recommend Namecheap to our students, because it’s far more reliable and offers the cheapest domain registration than any other Domain Registrar we have used in the past.

But GoDaddy is still the biggest domain registrar, so It’s your choice.

How To Connect GoDaddy Domain To A2 Hosting

Now, the next intimidating part of this process is how to connect domain to hosting, we’re going to do that quickly here.

  • Once you’re registered, you’re going to receive an email from A2 Hosting that contains your Nameservers,
  • But you can still find these Nameservers from your domain section.
how to connect a domain to a2 hosting
  • We head over to GoDaddy, find our domain name, and click on manage,
  • Find the section that says DNS and click on it,
  • From the next page, find the Nameservers section and click on change,
  • Then paste your first two Nameservers, and click save and you’re done.
how to change your nameservers in godaddy

Now you have successfully linked your GoDaddy domain to your hosting, 

This means that your website is live and can be found on the internet.

How To Connect Namecheap Domain To A2 Hosting

If you’re using  Namecheap  as a domain registrar, you’re going to go through a similar process:

  • First, you have to copy your Nameservers DNS1 and DNS2,
  • Then you log into your Namecheap  Cpanel, locate your domain, and click manage,
how to connect your namecheap domain to a2 hosting
  • On the next page, you have to scroll down to the section that says Nameservers and click on the custom DNS,
  • Then you add your two Nameservers,
where to add your nameservers in namecheap

Again you have successfully linked your Namecheap domain to your hosting.


How To Add Domain To A2 Hosting Cpanel

Let’s say you haven’t already added your domain or maybe you wanted to add a new domain, 

  • You can add your domain from your A2 Hosting Cpanel by clicking Ctrl F on your PC, 
  • And type Add, and select Add on Domains,
  • Or you can just manually scroll down and find Add on Domains and click on it,
  • From the next page just add your domain and click on add domain, it’s going to add your domain to A2 Hosting,
how to add new domain to a2 hosting

How To Make A WordPress Website With A2 Hosting

Just a moment ago, you don’t know how to create a website for affiliate marketing,

But now you’re gradually becoming a pro.

We’re going to go through the final step here, which is how to install a WordPress website:

  • To install WordPress on your website, log into your A2 Hosting Cpanel,
  • Search for WordPress and click on it,
how to search for a2 hosting wordpress installer
  • You’re going to see a Page 📄 that looks like the one below, click on the drop-down menu and select https://www., 
  • And from the next drop-down menu, select the domain you want to install WordPress on,

how to install wordpress on a2 hosting
  • You’re going to see your username and password, you can change it if you want then copy it and save it to your notepad or your Google doc,
  • Now enter the email that you want to be associated with the WordPress website as you can see in the image above, so as to get the details for your WordPress installation.
a2 hosting WordPress website installation details
  • After a couple of minutes you’re going to receive an email with your login details,
  • Click on the login link, log in and use this WordPress Dashboard Tutorial to familiarize with the different components.


No matter which stage you’re at the moment as a beginner, 

You’re still going to learn how to create a website for affiliate marketing.

If you’re serious about being successful in affiliate marketing, you need to do this process over and over again.

Make sure you have this post by your side anytime you’re setting up a new website because it makes the whole process so much easier.

If you’re a complete beginner with no experience, you need to take the first step toward creating your first affiliate website,

And that is registering your domain, hosting it, and making your website come alive.

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