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How To Find Expired Domains: Spamzilla Tutorial

Finding a good expired domain is one of the best investments in your affiliate business.

You can rank quickly in search engines and probably start making sales quicker.

search for expired domains with spamzilla

But it can also be stressful and time-consuming unless you have access to this tool that does almost all the work.

It’s called Spamzilla.

Key takeaways:

  • You will discover what Spamizilla is and how to use it to find great expired domains that help boost your affiliate website ranking in search engines.

So let’s get started.


Find expired domains with traffic

SPAMZILLA is a paid tool that helps simplify your expired domain search and does most of the work to help you find your perfect expired domain.

By subscribing to this piece of software, you get 1850 credits, which means you can make over 1000 searches per month.

Forecommend that recommend if you want to search for expired domains, you should get this tool and use it to find as many expired domains au can get for all your different niches before the month runs out.

But the more experience you get, we recommend having this tool full-time as part of your asset for your business.

Although free tools can be used, such as, spamzilla makes the whole process faster by giving you all the right tools in one place.

Also, spamzilla has what it called the Sz score or spam score of the domains,

This immediately tells you if a domain is spam or not. 

It helps you to save the time of going through the dead end or wasting time on domains with a bunch of spammy links.

If you have gone through our expired domain buying checklist post, you should already have your checklist.

Because we will be working closely with this checklist in this post.

Important note: You don’t need to rush this process.

To find the right expired domain, follow the steps we’ll outline in this tutorial.

Because the more you take your time, the better chance you have to find that perfect expired domain that would quickly rank on Google.

You can start driving traffic and probably making sales.

SPAMZILLA (Free or Paid?)

where to buy expired domain

Spamzilla, like every other software, offers a free version, just like a test drive to see if you like the software.

With the free version, you have 25 free searches.

But the paid version is originally $37, but with the discount, you can get it at $31, and you can make up to 1850 searches per month.

We still recommend the paid version here because it’s so worth it,

Once you have used it for a month, you will understand how easier and quicker it can be to search for expired domains.

Different Terms in Spamzilla and Their Meanings

expired domains list

This is how the spamzilla dashboard looks once you have logged in. 

As you can see, there are lots of terms that you might not know about, 

If you have gone through our previous posts, you might be familiar with some of the terms here, like TF, CF, etc.

Now, let’s go through each of these terms and what they are:

TF- Trust Flow 

CF- Citation Flow

Maj Topics- Majestic Topics (Topics associated with the domain)

Maj Lang- Majestic Language (Language of the site)

Maj BL – Majestic Backlinks 

Maj RD – Referring Domains ( Domains referring those backlinks)

Moz DA – Domain Authority

Moz PA – Page Authority

Sz Score – Spam Score (spam filter) Tells you how spammy a domain is in a range of 1- 100, 1 means low spam, and 100 means high spam. 

But, domains with an Sz score of 1 – 14 are good.

Source – Expired domain registrar 

Age – How old is the domain is

Sz Score Element  

When we click on the Sz score element, it opens up cool metrics that give us more information about our domain.

expired domain tools

As you can see in the image above, it shows us the domain archive, which means how the domain used to look back to 2001.

There is also the Spam message, meaning there are no spam messages or words, such as casinos, contained in this domain.

The domain has a Spam score of 1, which means low spam.

If we click on the archive to see how the website looks, as you can see, it is really basic, looking like it was built in the early days of the internet.

expired domain history

Checking this is an excellent way to find out if there are any spammy links, messages, or even foreign languages used on the website.


Next, we have the backlinks section here, 

Free backlinks checker

You can see the websites linking to it are art related.

Packed Pages

You have to check the packed Pages, and if there are many packed pages here, it means nothing was created with the domain.

Since it has many packed pages, it makes the domain not as authoritative in Google’s eyes.

Domain Drops 

Once we have gotten a domain that checks off most of the elements of our Buying checklist, we will check the domain history.

We can do this on spamzilla through the domain Drops.

how to buy old domain names

For example, this domain above was only dropped once in the last 18 years. So it’s a great domain to buy.

You can still check the domain history using a free tool domain history checker by whoisrequest.

How to Filter Your Expired Domains  

Spamzilla makes your expired domain search easier by providing you with a bunch of filters that you can use to narrow down your list of domains.

Filter expired domain search

As you can see in the image above, everything is broken down into different sections, 

  • The Top-level domains (TLDs)
  • The country’s Top-level domains
  • The Majestic categories,
  • Advance filters, etc.

Some sections are important, while some are not. We’re going to be using essential filters.

Under Majestic, we will work with major filters like Trust flow and citation flow.

To narrow our list of domains, we can set our Trust flow and Citation flow at a minimum of 10, which means only domains with a Trust flow of 10 and above will show up.

You can even set up something called filter alerts, 

Once set, spamzilla can send you automatic daily emails containing expired domains, even with ones in your specific niche.

  • After you have set your filter, 
  • Give it a name, 
  • Click on the Email filter domain,
  • And click save.

You will continue getting automatic alerts on new expired domain updates.

How to Search For Expired Domains

We will work you through the steps to perform your expired domain search.

The first thing you have to do is to apply your filters.

Setting up Our Filters 

The first thing you have to do is uncheck all country TLDs and check only TLDs

Set your majestic Trust flow and Citation flow at a minimum of 10, apply your filter, and you’re good to go.

how to use expired domains

Search Your Niche Keyword

expired web domains

Spamzilla is keyword searchable, which means you can effortlessly search your niche keyword and find many expired domains that contain your keyword.

During this niche search, you can still search other variations of your niche keywords,

For example, if you’re in the gaming niche, you can search gaming, games, video games, esports, etc.

As you can see, different domains have appeared with different metrics.

Let’s have a look at these domains. 

expired domains list

The domains in green are available, but the price of the domain in red is $7,500. 

That’s to show you how valuable domain names can be, not to talk about when you have built up your affiliate website. You can sell it at a much higher price.

Vetting the Relevance

Now, let’s talk about the relevant metrics you should focus on.

When you look at the first domain at the top, you will see that it’s relevant to our gaming niche.

where to buy expired domain


Next, we check the types of links pointing to our domain. We can do this directly on spamzilla or use a free Backlinks checker by Ahrefs.

how to buy expired domain names

As you can see, this domain doesn’t look so good. It has a Russian link.

Important note: when a domain contains links from languages you don’t understand, you should stay away from those domains.

Anchor text

We would also check the anchor text of those links, and what we’re looking for is non-exact match anchor text. 

do expired domains still work

The anchor text should not match the exact keyword that we’re targeting, or it would be seen as spam.

As you can see in the image above, no anchor text contains any spam message, but it still doesn’t feel right.

According to the links in red, it seems like the website is associated with an illegal movie download site.

This is why looking at the backlinks and anchor text is very relevant before choosing a domain.

Domain history

The following relevant metric we must check is the domain history to ensure that previous owners didn’t use it for spam.

 Like we said before, we go into the Sz score.

expired domain crawler

If we click on the archive section, it will show us what the domain looked like before.

Spam Checker 

expired domains for niche sites

It is an element on spamzilla that helps you check if a domain is spam or not; all you need to do is copy the domain and paste it into the spam checker and click yes.

Checking a domain will cost you one credit out of your 1850 credits.

But first, look for signals that might prove a domain as spam, so you don’t waste your credit.

While vetting the relevance, if you have gone through the above section correctly,

You won’t waste your credit here because you already know if a domain is spam or not unless you want to be sure.

Quick Expired Domain search 

Let’s say we have added our filters and Click apply. As you know, the only filters we would need for spamzilla are just our Top-level domains (TLDs), Trust flow, and Citation flow.

Once we have applied our filter, we will see a bunch of domains, as you can see below,

benefits of expired domains

Let’s go with the second domain, and it’s in the art and music niche.

If we click on the Sz score, it will show us additional metrics, as we discussed, showing us the domain archive, which is what the previous domain looked like.

just expired domains

As you can see, there’s no spam associated with this domain. But there’s no record after 2015 on

In the image above, at the right, you will see the domain is looking good.

Next, we will check out the backlinks pointing to this domain. We will use the free backlinks checker by Ahrefs.

recently expired domains

Both the backlinks and anchor text are good. It’s completely spam-clean.

To check how often this domain has been dropped, we can either check it directly on spamzilla or use a free tool.

Expired domain drops1
Expired domain drops2

We noticed that the domain was dropped three times, and two drops were close together ( 2019 and 2020).

Now, if you come across this situation and the domain has checked off all the elements in the buying checklist, you can consider choosing the domain.

You can simply download all the domain archives and reupload them on your website.

Another important thing you can check is, you can search the domain on Google to see if the domain still ranks on Google,

If it does, This means you have the chance to set up this domain, continue ranking on Google and start driving traffic fast.


Now you know how to simply use spamzilla to search for expired domains for your affiliate sites.

Do you see how much easier it is to use spamzilla?

It is the best tool we recommend to find great expired domains without wasting much of your time.

Once you get your spamzilla subscription, you must search for domains for all your niches using your niche keyword.

You have to get your expired domain ready because, in the next training post,  we will talk about how you can get your domain active.

This is the secret between getting your expired domain to rank quicker in search engines and starting to make affiliate commissions.

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