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How To Find Your Target Audience For Affiliate Marketing: 4 Simple Methods

how to define your affiliate marketing audience

Do you struggle to find a profitable affiliate marketing niche?

You’re not alone.

According to Niel Patel, content creation is the biggest challenge for 44% of marketers, and it’s usually because they choose the wrong niche.

Niche marketers understand that if they choose the wrong niche, they’ll struggle to grow the site…

Key takeaways:

  • First, you will learn why it’s profitable to target long-tail keywords,
  • You will discover how to define your affiliate marketing audience using four simple methods,
  • You will also learn how to narrow down a broad niche to find a very tight profitable sub-niche using the two levels down thinking.

This simple formula will help you find your target audience or money niche within the broad niches. It’s like cutting your piece of the pie.

This little sub-niche could be your way to earn your first $10,000 online, so take it seriously.

You should already have your nine niches if you read our last post on simple exercises to find your niche.

Before we start, I want you to have fun with this process because some of the niches you’ll discover may be something you have never thought of. So don’t discount any of them at all.

Are you ready to do this? Then let’s get started.

Why Is It Important To Know Your Target Audience In Affiliate Marketing

how to identify your affiliate marketing audience

Niching down really means finding more specific keywords (long-tail keywords) or sub-niche ideas that you can successfully target.

And you can also reach your target audience much better and speak to them directly.

For example, “Left-handed golf clubs for women” that’s a long-tail keyword in a golf niche.

So instead of targeting the golf niche, which is huge and much more competitive, we are targeting a tiny subset of that niche, like left-handed golf clubs for women.

Now you are targeting a small group of individuals rather than large groups (quality over quantity). This small group of individuals has a specific problem that you can quickly help them solve. 

The best part is that most of this small group of people have already done their research and are closer to the end of the buying cycle, which means you can easily sell to them and make money.

We’ll break down our main niches into sub-niches to find your target audience using the two levels down thinking.

Now that you have done the exercise and found your main topics, we need to dig deeper to find the long-tail keywords.

Here you can see how we divided our main topics into sub-niches:

how to determine your affiliate marketing audience

Next, we will go through how we find these sub-niche ideas so you can understand how to define your affiliate marketing audience.

How To Pick a Profitable Affiliate Niche keywords

The most important thing is to find specific keywords that are not too broad, and it’s interesting to you.

It’s okay if you can not find the keyword you want on the first try, but it’s best to invest 10 to 20 minutes daily in keyword research. The more you know about keywords, the easier it will be.

Keep this in your mind; there is money in the keywords, meaning if you have more keywords, you have more money.

The good news?

Google will give you all the keywords you will ever need if you know how to search for them.

How to Define Your Affiliate Marketing Audience In A Broad Niche

Finding these long-tail keywords can be difficult if you try to do it on your own, but we’re going to look at tools to find your target audience more easily.

We are going to go through 4 methods to find the right niche, and they are:

Google A-Z

The first method is called Google A-Z. It helps your affiliate marketing niche based on what people are searching for.

Let us say your main topic is scented candles. Just type it into the Google search bar.

 Then type “A” in front of your main topic, and you’ll see a list of keywords; if you type “B,” you’ll get another list.

You can keep doing this until you get to “Z”; then, you will continue seeing more keywords.

how to use google a-z to find your affiliate niche

To get more keywords using this method, add “for” or “with” in front of your main topic, as you can see below.

how to find great sub niche ideas for affiliate marketing

You can easily play around with this method to find multiple long-tail keywords, and each of these keywords is a specific niche that people are searching for that you can target.

Google Related

The next method is called “Google Related.” 

When you search on Google, there’s a little section called Google Related.

Google-related helps you find great long-tail keywords by showing you keywords related to your main topic.

Let us say your main keyword is “scented candles.” If you go to the bottom of the Google search results page, you will see a bunch of keywords related to scented candles.

how to define your affiliate audience using google search related

To find even more keywords, you can also apply the Google A-Z method to these keywords you found here.

For example, let us take “strongest scented candles 2019” from above, but instead of adding 2019,

We will start adding A-Z, which will show us even more keywords, and every single keyword that comes up is a sub-niche of scented candles.

Also, if we take the Google Related keyword “luxury scented candles” and type that into the search bar and put “for” in front of it, we get a whole bunch of keywords.

As you can see below, luxury scented candles for toilets will differ from those for bedrooms and kitchens.

how to research for affiliate marketing audience

Now all you have to do is copy these questions into your Google Sheets so you can use them in the future.

Google People Also Ask

As the name suggests, “People Also Ask” refers to questions other people ask about your niche.

If we are looking for “scented candles to fight mosquitoes.” As you can see below, Google also shows us a list of other questions people have asked about your main topic.

how to identify your target affiliate niche using google people also ask

With the above procedures, you can find so many keywords to cover on your website, and Google has given you everything.


Here, we are going to talk about this cool website called KeywordsFX

If you type in “scented candles,” you will get a huge list of keywords, questions, and modifiers, as you can see below. Just like Google, it helps with even more keywords.

best tools to find your affiliate marketing audience

One thing I like about this platform is that you can easily export the list of keywords as a CSV file. You can open it in your Google Sheets if you want to use it or to get ideas for your website. 

That’s how simple these processes are. It can be much more difficult if you want to come up with all these keywords yourself.

It’s Time to Identify Your Target Audience

You have to do the same thing we have done above with your niche and break down your niche by starting with your main topic,

Then narrow it down to a sub-niche, and finally narrow it down even further to a sub-sub-niche, and that’s how to define your affiliate marketing audience.

For example, if you start with niches like writing and tennis, you can narrow your niche down to “tennis rackets for women” or “writing erotic Kindle novels.”

I know guys who make $5,000 to $15,000 every month writing short erotic Kindle novels, so do not discount those niches because people make a lot of money with them, and you can do it too.

Don’t get overwhelmed by all the niches you have found. Pick the niche that fits you best, which could be your money niche. You can still talk about the other keywords on your website if they are related.

Once you have chosen your money niche, go for it.

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