How To Rank The Perfectly Optimized Blog Post

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How To Install Rank Math: Best SEO Plugin For WordPress Site

Ranking affiliate websites in search engines has not been as difficult as it is today,

Now, to rank, your website needs to be fully optimized.

The Rank Math SEO plugin has made this process a walk in the park for affiliate marketing beginners.

If you know how to install the Rank Math plugin and use it, you can easily dominate your competition.

Rank Math is essential to optimize your posts and pages.

You only need to set it up once for every website you create. 

Apart from Rank Math, here are the other best WordPress plugins you must install to kick off your affiliate website.

Key takeaways:

  • You will discover why you need to install the Rank Math plugin on your WordPress website,
  • And also a step-by-step guide on how to install the Rank Math plugin successfully.

Why Is Rank Math The Best SEO Plugin

  • Using this WordPress SEO Plugin turns you into an SEO expert by following the simple instructions that they provide,
  • This SEO Plugin is packed full of SEO features, and once you know a few specific steps, you will be able to start ranking any article that you create,
  • Rank Math has an in-depth SEO analysis that helps analyze your posts or pages to see if they’re truly optimized.

Remember, if you know how to install the Rank Math plugin and use it, you can easily dominate your competition.

How To Install Rank Math In WordPress (Set Up A Free Account)

Rank Math is one of the most important plugins you need to install first on your website.

To install the WordPress SEO Plugin, go to the Plugins section in your WordPress Dashboard, search for Rank Math, and install and activate it.

how to set up rank math seo

Next, click on connect your account to set up a free account.

how to create rank math account for your affiliate website

From the next page, you have to log in to your account. We use Google for this because it’s so much easier and faster.

And you will receive your login details to your registered email,

how to find your rank math affiliate website log in details

After you log in, from the next page, click on Plugin files,

You will be most likely to be directed to the setup wizard, but if not, there’s another way around it, 

You can go back to your WordPress Dashboard, and now, you should have a Rank Math section in the sidebar,

Click on it, and click on setup wizard,

How to use affiliate site rank math set up wizard

Click advanced, and we can now start setting up our Rank Math.

From the next section, you choose the small business, and for your business type, select what your website will be about.

where to set up affiliate website business type on rank math

Next, add your company’s name, which is most likely the name of your website,

After that, you should add an image, and you can make a design on canva. The size of the image should be 1,200px by 630px.

When you upload the image, ensure you add the Alt Text because this tells the search engines what the image is about.

The next step that you’re going to see is Google’s Services,

But as a beginner, you haven’t set up your Google Analytics yet, so we will recommend you skip this step for now.

How To Set Up Your Sitemaps & SEO Tweaks In Rank Math

The next step is to set up our Sitemap and SEO Tweaks.

You must ensure that you set this SEO Plugin exactly like it is here.


How To Set Up affiliate website Sitemaps In Rank math

As you can see, the Sitemap is on, and we included images, etc.

And this means your Sitemap will include both posts, pages, and images. It makes it easier for Google or other search engines to index your pages and posts.

SEO Tweaks

Again, you must ensure that you set up your SEO Tweaks, as we have done below.

How To Set Up affiliate websiteSEO Tweaks In Rank math

You have to toggle on No index empty categories & tag archives,

Turn off Nofollow external links and toggle on the Open external links in the New tab/window.

It helps keep your website visitors on your website longer.

And when you click save and continue, it will show you that your site is ready.

Next, click on setup Advanced options,

How to set up rank math advanced options

Skip the role manager,  as you’re still a beginner doing this by yourself,

Then toggle on the 404 and the redirections, as shown in the image below.

Rank math 404 and redirection set up

How To Setup Your Website Schema Markup In Rank Math

Next, we are going to set up the Schema for our website,

This tells Google what kind of content you create on your website and gives it clear instructions on how to view it.

You can correctly set up the Schema markup using the image below.

how to set up your affiliate site schema mark up in rank math

And once you’re done, you have completed the Rank Math initial setup.

Now we’ll go back and make extra tweaks to the Dashboard.

How To Set Up Your Affiliate Site’s Image SEO

To set up your Image SEO, go back to your Rank Math Dashboard,

Scroll down and toggle on the Image SEO.

how to toggle on affiliate site  rank math image seo example

Next, you click on settings.

Turn off all the sections, as seen in the image below.

how to set up your affiliate website  image seo in rank math

The main reason we turn all the sections off is that image SEO is very important for your website,

And when these sections are turned on, It generates random things for you or what they think is the best. 

In future training posts, we will show you the best practices to optimize your images to rank on Google images.

How To Set Up Your WordPress Site Global Meta

Next, we are going to set up our Global Meta,

And we can do that by clicking on Rank Math > Titles & Meta > Global Meta.

Here, we will decide on the appearance of our post title.

The separator character is a symbol that’s used to separate the titles,

Some people use a hyphen (-), but we prefer using (|) or what is called a pipe.

how to set up your affiliate website global meta in rank math

Next, make sure you click and toggle on Capitalize Titles.

This capitalizes the first character of every word in your title, which helps your title stand out better.


Next, we will look at the homepage section, 

And this is where we fill out the information about our home page for the search engines.

how to set up your affiliate website homepage in rank math

Your Title must have the following:

  • Up to 70 characters,
  • Your Brand Name,
  • Your Main Keyword/Permutation.

The Meta Description will have the following:

  • 160 Characters,
  • Your Brand Name and Main, Keyword/Permutation.

Social Media

Next, we have social media. Here we add our social media pages to connect it with our website.

This is not necessary at the moment,

You only need to add your Facebook page URL, and you can set it up later.


You have learned step-by-step how to install Rank Math plugin successfully, and it is the best WordPress SEO plugin to perform a good on-page SEO.

You can start creating and optimizing your post and pages using the best SEO plugin for WordPress.

Rank Math is the best because it gives you lot’s of great features for FREE.

And now you can easily set up Rank Math even as a complete beginner.

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How To Rank The Perfectly Optimized Blog Post

Want to get More Traffic, Leads, and Improve your website’s ranking? Get your copy of the Tripple T Blog Post Formula to help you get more visitors to your website.

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