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How To Install WordPress Theme From Zip File: Quick & Easy Tutorial

how to install wordpress theme from zip

Are you a beginner in affiliate marketing or for that matter digital marketing, and also new to WordPress?

Maybe you’re non-techy like me and you’re not able to install WordPress theme (I Can do this, and so can you), so…

We’re going to show you how to install a WordPress theme from a zip file,

Aside from actually adding it via the theme menu.

If you have been searching for a step-by-step tutorial on how to do this… You’re in the right place.

A WordPress theme is a website template that you can use to enhance the appearance of your website.

WordPress themes give you a gallery of designs to give your website a beautiful look.

Key takeaways:

  • You will learn how to install a WordPress theme from zip,
  • You will discover what the GeneratePress WordPress theme is and why it’s our most recommend theme,
  • You will also learn how to uninstall a WordPress theme.

The theme we are going to be using for this training and also use for most of our affiliate websites is called GeneratePress.

BUT, the process for adding themes Via Zip File is exactly the same for others themes that you might be looking to install.

So let’s jump in.

What Is GeneratePress?

GeneratePress theme is a super fast WordPress theme that focuses on speed, stability, and accessibility.

You can set your new affiliate website off in the right direction.

And once you have got your website design figured out, You can start getting content created for your website for free

GeneratePress Free Vs Premium Theme

There are two versions of GeneratePress:

You can use the free version to start but the paid version is a lot better,

You can do more things and have more functionality with the paid version.

As we go through this training, you’re going to see what the paid version looks like and how to get it for your website.

How To Install WordPress theme from themes library 

To install WordPress themes from your WordPress theme Library: 

  • Go to appearance from your WordPress dashboard, and select themes,
  • From the themes page, click on add new to add a new theme,
How To Install WordPress theme
  • You can go through  and preview the themes you see on the page, and it will show you what they would look like,
  • You can search your niche to see if you can find themes for your niche,
  • If you see the one that you like, you can click on it, install and activate it.

How To Install GeneratePress WordPressTheme

To install the GeneratePress theme:

  • You have to follow the same process as we did above, but in the themes library, we search for GeneratePress,
How To Install GeneratePress WordPressTheme
  • Click preview on the theme to see how it looks,
  • Then click on install and click on activate,
  • From the left side menu, you will see a new section called GeneratePress, 

You have successfully installed the GeneratePress theme on your WordPress website.

How To Purchase GeneratePress Premium WordPress Theme

  • To purchase GeneratePress premium, click on premium from the page above, or click here 
  • From the next page click on pricing,
How To Purchase GeneratePress Premium WordPress Theme

It opens up to the yearly plan and lifetime plan, we recommend you go with the yearly plan to keep your cost low, Click on get started, and purchase it.

Next, you’re going to learn how to install purchased WordPress theme.

How To Install A WordPress Theme From Zip

  • Once you have purchased it, you will be taken to this page below, and it’s time to upload theme to WordPress.
how to install a theme in wordpress manually
  • You quickly go through the theme zip file download area,
  • Go back to your dashboard, from appearance select themes again,
  • Click add new and upload the file,
  • Click install and activate.

We have already installed the theme, now we download the GeneratePress plugin,

  • Go back to your WordPress dashboard, and select plugins,
  • Click on upload plugin,
  • Choose your file, click on install now and activate the plugin,
  • Next, we go to appearance and select GeneratePress,
  • It’s going to ask us for a license key, you have to back to your GeneratePress account to find your license key,
  • Enter your license key and click save,
Update generatepress license key
  • Next is to add all of these elements to our site, check all of them, select activate and click apply.
  • Now your GeneratePress premium is fully activated.

Now you know exactly how to install downloaded WordPress theme manually.

Next, we’re going to go through the GeneratePress site library to show you the best theme that you can use for your affiliate website.

GeneratePress Site Library

  • Next, we’re going to browse through the GeneratePress site library,
GeneratePress site library
  • When we click on the site library as you can see in the image above, it will bring us a list of all the GeneratePress premium themes, 
  • You can quickly import each of these designs into your website (more on that later),

And these themes are very good because it has been optimized for search engines and you can also add extra functionalities as well.

How To Import GeneratePress Premium Theme

Here, we’re going to import the design that looks good to us:

  • You can use anyone you want, but personally, we have used marketer for most of our affiliate sites,
How To Import GeneratePress Premium Theme
  • Click on it and see how it looks  on both desktop and mobile,
  • Click on get started on the right,
  • Toggle on I understand, and click on Import to import the theme,
Generatepress wordpress site

Here’s how the website looks with content.

How To Delete An Installed WordPress Theme

There are different ways to delete an installed WordPress theme but we’re going to talk about the easiest method,

We’re going to delete the installed WordPress theme directly from your WordPress dashboard:

  • From your WordPress dashboard select appearance and click on themes,
  • The first theme on the list is your active theme and you can’t uninstall an active WordPress theme,
  • Hover over the theme you want to delete and click on theme details,
  • Click on delete in the next window that shows up and click OK.
How To Delete An Installed WordPress Theme
  • And if you want to delete an active theme, just deactivate the theme before you can delete it.


We hope this helps how to install WordPress theme from zip file,

And also guide you through choosing and importing your desired theme.

As you can see, good themes make it so much easier to get your professional website up and running in no time.

 If you’re using the theme we recommend, congrats on your new website,

But if you’re not, let us know in the comment section which WordPress theme you chose for your affiliate website.

Why Choose GeneratePress Theme In WordPress

Here are a couple of reasons why you should grab your GeneratePress theme today:

  • For only $59, you can get your GeneratePress premium for a full year,
  • You can use it to design up to 500 websites,
  • With GeneratePress, you don’t need to hire a designer or developer to create the website for you,
  • GeneratePress templates enable you to create a beautiful and professional website,
  • GeneratePress theme has loads of cool functionalities,
  • GeneratePress has an inbuilt structure that helps boost your website’s ranking and conversion rate.

Look, just go through this training, and if by any means you don’t like the GeneratePress theme,  

You can still find more themes in the WordPress theme library or by just searching on Google.

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