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How To Use WordPress Settings Page: 5 Easy Elements

how to use wordpress settings page

When starting your first WordPress website, before moving on to building and designing your site,

There are a couple of important settings you need to get ready so your site can operate properly. 

In this training lesson we are going to be talking about How to use WordPress Settings Page one after the other, but first, you might want to check out our WordPress tutorial for beginners training post.

So let’s dive in.

Key takeaways:

  • You will learn the most important settings for your WordPress website,
  • You will know how to set up each of this settings for a good structured website, and…
  • You will know how to use and edit them whenever you need.

WordPress General Settings

The First setting that you’re going to see is the General Settings, 

And it is also an important setting where you can add basic details about your website.

changing wordpress general settings

Here you can add your site title and your website tagline, 

You should ALWAYS include you main keyword here in your site title and use a variation in the tagline.

Having a good understanding of how to use WordPress Settings Page helps you to achieve more with your website.

Other settings are not necessary, but it is good to familiarize yourself with what is there anyhow.

WordPress Writing Settings

After the General Settings you will move down to the Writing Settings.

updating your wordpress writing settings

For the Post categories section, that’s the “Default Post Category”, it is not that useful, but can be changed to a category of your choosing.

The reason it is not that useful is because you can still set the categories of your post directly from the post-section.

So you can ignore it.

The most important setting here is the update services,

wordpress settings api

The update services notify different websites, search engines to crawl your  website,

Or add it to their feeds whenever you publish new content.

To download a list of ping sites that you can add here for yourself, Click here.

WordPress Reading Settings

After that, you have the WordPress reading settings.

how to correctly update your wordpress reading settings

This is a very important part of your WordPress website setup, as it’s how it helps you organize the way your website appears to visitors,

From the homepage displays, you can choose any page on your website to become your homepage,

And you can also choose a page to become your blog page, which is super important too. I would normally make my blof page something like /blog or /news. The choice is up to you.

The blog page is super important, as it is where most of your content will appear when you post it.

A note here, you can also have your homepage as your blogpage if you run a blog.

WordPress Permalink Settings

The next section that you will have to look it is the Permalink section inside of settings of your WordPress Dashboard.

changing permalink settings in wordpress

What are permalinks?

Permalinks are the URL of your post, 

It is best to change the structure of your WordPress site URLs to:

  • Appear well-organized and easy to read by search engines,
  • Include your main keyword (if possible),
  • And avoid creating permalinks that contain numbers and characters,

To change your permalinks, you will use the permalink settings in WordPress.

As you can see from the image above the best type of permalink to use for your WordPress website is the Post name,

It shows only your domain + your post name.

WordPress Privacy Settings

This is a really important part of knowing how to use the WordPress Settings Pages…

how to update wordpress privacy settings

Here WordPress helps you create a Privacy Policy Page for your website which is kind of cool,

But we recommend creating your privacy policy page by yourself,

And in future training, we’re going to show you how you can easily do this.  

Now you know how to use WordPress settings page

You have seen how simple it can be to navigate and also how to use WordPress settings page.

This is mostly for beginners because it can be overwhelming at first.

You have to spend some time getting familiarized with the WordPress site settings, 

Because you might need it in the future.

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How To Rank The Perfectly Optimized Blog Post

Want to get More Traffic, Leads, and Improve your website’s ranking? Get your copy of the Tripple T Blog Post Formula to help you get more visitors to your website.

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