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Using Google To Sell Your Products – 3 Simple Steps

This lesson on using google to sell your products can be used for businesses that own their own products, or people who are affiliate marketers.

Throughout your business or affiliate life, you will be using the most powerful search engine in the world on numerous occasions.

Knowing how to use google to sell your affiliate products is one of the best ways to make sales on autopilot for years to come.

Why is using Google so good to sell your products?

The reason for this is because it holds the keys to:

  • Untold knowledge,
  • Insight,
  • And audiences

This is only when used correctly, though.

And with 3.5 – 6 Billion searches per day it gathers huge amounts of data on what your potential customers are after.

why you should sell on Google

It will form the base of so many of the tasks which you need to complete in order to understand how to use Google to sell your affiliate products and services.

Google, when treated with respect, and not trying to outsmart it by doing stupid things, will bring you lots of sales and plenty of website love!

What we will cover today:

In this lesson, we will cover the basics of using Google to sell your products, by looking at the information it gives you in its search results, that you can use in your own store, or for your affiliate websites.

NOTE: You need to read this whole article on using Google to sell your products, becasue at the bottom is where it all comes together!

Google will also show you what information you can use from these products and websites, that are already being sold.

can google help with research
Look at those bolded words… Google thinks they are relevant to your search 😉

Information Google Gives You In Its SERPs

  • What text you can use in your own product descriptions.
  • What keywords are good to target.
  • How you can get people not only coming to your store or affiliate website but also coming back again.
  • What images are ranking well in the search engines?
  • And what else you should be answering in your content.

Why Google Over Facebook when Researching Products?

From the very beginning of your journey through digital marketing and affiliate marketing to start…

You will find that I reference and use Google more than most places. because I use Google to sell my products every moment of the day…

Sure Facebook and the other platforms are super exciting and a ‘must’ to use, but using Google to sell your products and do research still holds the number 1 spot when it comes to all-round greatness.

So let’s dive in…

Researching Products on Google

So we are looking at using Google to sell your products and it begins with your competition.

Competitive Research To Sell YOUR Products

The first thing I do when researching any new product is simply doing a Google search to see what type of competition I am up against!

And how do they sell their products on Google?

I then go and look at any of the websites that appear on Google and see what they are offering, and what they are doing to sell their products.

On further inspection of the websites that appear I see that they are behemoths in the internet game. The likes of:

  1. Healthline,
  2. And Amazon, who have spent so much money on search engine optimization for their listings,
  3. Good House Keeping too,
  4. NHS
Google relevancy factor
Start using Google To Sell Your Products

What this tells me is that the keyword I entered is far too competitive to try and sell to, or rank for.

Because it would take a miracle to get your website to the top of google to sell your products for that chosen search term.

What Can Google Teach My Business?

  1. My search query was too general – I have to be more specific when I want to rank my affiliate product pages
  2. The websites that I would be up against are far too big to outrank – I have to find search terms that aren’t overtaken by the big international brands, and affiliates to start.
  3. But the MOST important thing that I found was what I call A GATEWAY to knowledge.

Google Gateway

Just because you can’t rank on the front pages of Google for this particular search term doesn’t mean very much, but what it does give you is so much more information you can use when selling your products on Google.

Google Gives You information to help sell your products

  1. Words, phrases, and ideas that you can use in your niche
  2. Links to sites that rank so well in your niche, and you must study them to see why they rank,
  3. And what kind of products they rank for.

So Let’s Look

If you click on any of the sites on Google you will see a range of information articles, ideas, and products that you could potentially market, or market similar that I have on my own site.

I can take the best ones that look the closest to mine and then study what that product page looks like.

What words does it use, what images does it use, do you notice any repeated words?

Or what about Amazon

using amazon research to sell your products

The exact same thing…

Lists upon lists weight loss supplements that are in the same niche as me, using google to sell their products and I can even sell these on my site by signing up for the Amazon affiliate program.

And the same thing with Pinterest…

All of the things that you are seeing are potential things that you can use to sell your products on Google too.

using pinterest research to sell your products

Keywords, images, trends, ideas…

The worlds that the Google Gateway opens holds all of the information you need to market any product or service that you will ever have… ever!

Using Google To Sell Your Products Starts with Keyword Research

Do you notice that I mention words and keywords a lot?

Well, this is because of the internet…

Using Google to sell your products is all about knowing that the search engines work on words and they understand them.

google keyword planner for product research
this is the Google Keyword Planner, it helps you find keywords people are using in your niche

Now, if you understand them too, and create great content that includes those words Google will reward you for understanding what words your customers are typing into them.

When you can find all these lovely words from your competition, and use them to sell your products, like from the sites found here…

And are able to create beautiful product descriptions and product pages that actually help people when they are searching for what you have to offer…

how to use google to sell your affiliate products

Then the search engines like Google will reward you by putting you at the top of their pages, and that is when the people and buyers start coming to your sites.

This is what we call optimization

What Is Search Engine Optimization?

When speaking of optimization, it’s as simple as this.

It’s about creating webpages, be that for a product or simply information related that helps people fix the problem they are looking to solve.

So if someone is looking for a pair of “lose 20lbs in one week to fit into my wedding dress” and you just happen to create a product page that helps the person looking for that search query to solve their problem in the best and easiest way…


how to make your website relevant for google

If you do this, then you will be rewarded by Google by being given a coveted place in their search listings, and you will kick Shape dot com off the top listing.

And getting that coveted place of 1, 2, or 3, can bring you in a huge amount of targeted buyers ready to purchase what it is that you have to offer.

To get this top spot using google to sell your products, you have to understand the relationship between… You, Google, and the person with the problem they want to solve.

Google thinks this result is the best for your this search, now if you can make your post better, and more relevant, you have an opportunity to appear here, in Position #1.

using google to sell your products

Up until now, you have been probably using Google to sell your products in a way that is not being beneficial to your business.

We have looked at:

  • Why you should use Google for your product research?
  • Information that Google gives you.
  • What your competition is doing?
  • Which products are being sold on Google?
  • What keywords are being used to find searches?
  • And what Search engine optimization is?

Collecting your Google Research

You cant make a great piece of content and use Google to sell your products if you don’t collect the information that you find.

The best way to do this is to use a website called Mindmup. It’s a free online mind mapping software that allows you to gather all your information in one place.

At the center, you have your product topic, and then you add offshoots to the centerpiece to start creating a diagram of all of the research you can use, broken down into subtopics.

This is not one I created, and does not use Google to sell products

Once you have all of that information stacked together, you can start using it to sell your products through wonderfully put together content.

And finally, here is the real clincher…

Using 3 Steps To Sell Your Products On Google

The 3 Way Relationship: Know – Like – Trust

How To Make Google Love Everything You Do

So it goes like this:

  • A person has a problem and they need it solved.
  • They go to Google to get that problem solved
  • Google wants to give them the best result for their problem that they possibly could (because the better the Google result, the more a person will use Google, and the more a person has the ability to click on a Google advertisement and Google makes money).
  • You have written an amazing product page about the problem that the person wants to be solved, with all the best information, in the easiest way to consume, and you answer all of the other possible questions a person who make this type of search may have.
  • Google searches the internet high and wide for that best result, and because you answer that query in the best possible way they decide that you are going to be given the number one spot.
  • You get shown to the person who made the query. They like how your listing looks on Google, it entices them to click and find out more information.
  • They enter your site and you have all of the most relevant information laid out for the person in an easy to find a way.
  • The person loves your listing, loves your information and loves the images of your product.
  • They look for reviews and BAM, there are 5-star reviews in front of them before they even have to look.
  • They are sold… and purchase your product.
  • Now Google follows that person on their journey (from search to purchase, and a leaving your site), and know that the person loved what you were selling.
  • Google then gives YOU a vote of confidence because what they have shown the user based on their query is the best result for them and so that might also be the best result for someone else.
  • So the next time, Google gets a search that is very very similar they might show your product page again, but this time for a related but different keyword.
  • And so you start to build up authority in Google’s eyes as being an expert at the search query that people are searching for in a particular niche.
  • And then google starts to examine your site more, and visit it more often, and the more they start to trust you the better they start to treat you.
  • And that is our goal, to be known by Google, to be liked by customers and to being trusted by both.

So by using google to sell your products, and doing the correct research for what it is that you are planning on marketing, the ability to sell affiliate products will become so much easier for you.

Knowing how to use Google to sell your products and being able to pull together all the information that is available to you for free, and create great product pages are key to making a great living with affiliate marketing.

If you want to know how to do this, I have a free gift for you to help get you started creating brilliant content as part of your product or affiliate business, that is only available to all of my insiders. If you’re interested, click HERE.

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How To Rank The Perfectly Optimized Blog Post

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