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WordPress Tutorial For Building A Successful Affiliate Site

Here we will go over how to use WordPress tutorial,

If you have gone through our training on how to make an affiliate site in WordPress, you should already have your WordPress installed.

Now we will be talking about all the different elements on the left side of your WordPress Dashboard, such as Posts, Categories, Appearances, Plugins, etc.

You’ll understand what they mean and what they are used for.

Even though you are a beginner, you will soon see how easy it is to use WordPress to create websites.

It has not always been this easy. Back when I started, it was much harder.

Key takeaways:

  • You will learn the different elements of the WordPress Dashboard, what they mean and how to use them effectively.

So without wasting much of your time, let’s jump in so you can see the essential elements of WordPress.

How To Use WordPress Tutorial (15 Key Elements)

WordPress has evolved into a powerful CMS that you can use for much more than just publishing articles.

Here, we’ll show you 15 key elements and components of WordPress so you can start creating your website today.

WordPress Dashboard

It is the first place you see when you log into your WordPress,

It shows you an overview of your website provided by different tools like Plugins and Analytics tools installed on your WordPress Account.

what is a wordpress dashboard

You can easily remove anything you don’t want from your Dashboard by clicking on the x sign on the upper right of the item,

Also, you can easily drag things into your Dashboard,  things as Google Analytics, Rank Math Analytics, etc.

So that once you log into your WordPress, you can immediately understand what’s happening on your website

We usually don’t spend much time here. 

We primarily focus on the rest of the elements below the Dashboard because those are the things that make you money.

WordPress Updates

WordPress Updates allow WordPress to inform users like you that there are new Updates required,  

Updates such as Plugins, Themes, sometimes you  even need to update your WordPress,

how to run wordpress updates from dashboard

As you can see above, it’s showing us that our WordPress needs to be updated to the latest version.

It is very important to keep your WordPress sites and Plugins up-to-date,

Because it helps protect you from hackers and spammers.

WordPress Posts 

A WordPress Post is a section where you can create and add new Posts or content to your website,

what is a post in wordpress

To add a new post, you can click on add new. On the next page, you add your headline, 

And below it, you can add your Post, optimize, and publish it.


WordPress Categories are topics used to group similar content on your website.

how to find the wordpress categories page

Let’s say you’re in the Fitness market, and your website is about Fitness for women over 40,

You can have Categories like healthy eating, low-intensity workout, etc.

You can create content for each category,  and one piece of content might have multiple Categories.


The Tags are the keywords that are associated with your articles. This is not that important.

WordPress Media

WordPress Media contains your library of Images, Videos, Audio, and Documents in one place.

To view your Media Library, click on Media in your Dashboard.

how to upload images to wordpress media library

When you click on any of these photos, it shows details of the image,

You can also edit the image, but that’s not necessary. 

The most important thing is your alt text, which is the description of your image to search engines.

You must ensure you add a keyword-rich alt text and leave the title section empty.

how to add image alt text in wordpress

You can add new images from here, but most of your files will be added through the Post section when you create a new post.

WordPress Pages

WordPress Pages and Posts look similar, but the difference is Pages are not time-bound.

Pages are there for the long term and are more authoritative than Posts.

Posts are always associated with dates, but Pages are part of the website structure. 

To learn how we structure our website using Pages to rank in search engines, check out our Topic Cluster content strategy

Pages are higher than posts in your website hierarchy, and the search engines see them as more relevant.


WordPress Comments is where you find the different comments on your website.

Rank Math

Rank Math is an SEO Plugin that enables you to optimize your website to rank in search engines.

When you start creating a new post, provided you have installed the Rank Math Plugin, 

You will see the Rank Math elements at the right side of the page, as you can see below,

how to use rank math seo

To have fully optimized content, you must get a Rank Math score of at least 81/100.

Pretty Links

Pretty Links is a WordPress Plugin that you can use to shorten long ugly affiliate links into branded, pretty links.

how to use pretty links

It’s one of the necessary Plugins you must install before creating your website.


Appearance is where you can manage your WordPress website Themes, 

best free wordpress themes

You can install, add new, upload, delete, and update your Themes from here. 

The Appearance section provides elements to change your site’s appearance and behavior.

You can also add Widgets from Appearance, 

Although we don’t use Widgets often, it helps add functionality to your website.

Let’s say you want to add audio to your sidebar. You can do that using the Widget.

how to use wordpress widgets

You drag the audio to your sidebar section and add the audio file you want from your computer, and just like that, your audio now shows up in your sidebar.


The WordPress Menu is a section where you can create your header and footer Menu.

You have an idea of the Menu at the top of a website which includes a blog, home, services, etc.

The Menu element help you can create them.

WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins are software used to add specific functionality to your website.

what is wordpress plugins and their uses

You can use it to create any website you want, such as an affiliate website, E-commerce store, etc.

You can click on add new to choose from a list of Plugins available on WordPress.

But don’t rush and start installing WordPress Plugins that you don’t need, 

Because it can hurt your website, slow it down, and make you vulnerable to hackers.


As the admin, the User section is where you can add new users and assign roles if you have a team.

WordPress Settings

how to set up wordpress settings page

WordPress Settings in your Admin back end are where you can configure settings for different sections of your WordPress website.


WordPress is a powerful content management system that can help you create a beautiful affiliate website.

However, it’s important to understand the key elements and components of WordPress before you get started.

This training post has outlined a complete how to use WordPress tutorial using the 15 key elements, from Themes and Plugins to Widgets, etc. If you still need help you can check out my step by step WordPress video training course.

By familiarizing yourself with these elements, you’ll be able to create a successful WordPress affiliate site that meets your specific needs.

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How To Rank The Perfectly Optimized Blog Post

Want to get More Traffic, Leads, and Improve your website’s ranking? Get your copy of the Tripple T Blog Post Formula to help you get more visitors to your website.

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